Zoltán Halmay

Zoltán Halmay (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈzoltaːn ˈhɒlmɒi], 18 June 1881 – 20 May 1956) was a Hungarian Olympic swimmer. He competed in four Olympics (19001908), winning the following medals:

  • 1900: silver (200 m, 4000 m freestyle), bronze (1000 m freestyle)
  • 1904: gold (50yd, 100yd freestyle)
  • 1906: gold (4×250 m freestyle relay), silver (100 m freestyle) (these games are now not officially recognized by the IOC)
  • 1908: silver (100 m freestyle; 4 × 200 m freestyle relay)
Zoltán Halmay
Medal record
Men's swimming
Representing Kingdom of Hungary
Olympic Games
1904 St. Louis 50 yd freestyle
1904 St. Louis 100 yd freestyle
1900 Paris 200 m freestyle
1900 Paris 4000 m freestyle
1908 London 100 m freestyle
1908 London 4×200 m freestyle relay
1900 Paris 1000 m freestyle
Intercalated Games
1906 Athens 4×250 m freestyle relay
1906 Athens 100 m freestyle

Halmay was born in Magasfalu, Kingdom of Hungary (today Vysoká pri Morave, Slovakia) and died in Budapest. Zoltán Halmay, who was a double Olympic champion, was the most successful sportsman in freestyle swimming. 1904 he won the 50 and 100 yards at the St. Louis Games and in 1906 he was a member of the 4×250 m relay team that won the gold medal. He won a further 4 silver medals and a bronze medal at other Olympics. He was Hungarian champion 14 times and won the English, the German and the Austrian Championships as well. He was a world record holder at 100 metres and also at 50 and 220 yards. His versatility is shown by the fact that he was also a remarkable athlete, rower and football player, and he also won a national-level championship in roller-skating over 5000 metres. After his retirement he worked as a trainer, and he was the federal chief trainer of the Hungarian Swimming Association. He was born on 18 June 1881 in Magasfalu, Kingdom of Hungary (present-day Dubrava, Bratislava County, Slovakia). At the ceremony organised at the main square of the village, a monument unifying the memorial plaque and the statue of Halmay was set up in collaboration with the Slovak Olympic Committee and the local government of Vysoká pri Morave (Magasfalu). Zoltán Halmay died on 20 May 1956.[1]

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Men's 100 metre freestyle
world record holder (long course)

3 December 1905 – 20 July 1908
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Charles Daniels
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Frederick Lane
Men's 200 metre freestyle
world record holder (long course)

28 June 1908 – 11 November 1908
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