Zoe Tay

Zoe Tay (born 10 January 1968) is a Singaporean actress , a former model and was named as "Queen of Caldecott Hill" as local media and fellow referred to as "Ah Jie" (senior actress) due to her status. [1][2][3]

Zoe Tay
Born (1968-01-10) 10 January 1968
Years active1988–present
Philip Chionh (m. 2001)
ChildrenBrayden, Ashton, Nathan
AwardsStar Awards 1996 : Best Actress
Star Awards 1998: Special Achievement Award
Star Awards 2004 : All-Time Favourite Artiste
Star Awards 2017 : Best Dressed Celebrity & Best Actress
Star Awards 2019 : Best Actress
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese鄭惠玉
Simplified Chinese郑惠玉
Musical career
Associated actsQueen of Caldecott Hill


Tay started out as a model at the age of 16. In 1987, she was named Model of The Year. After Tay was crowned champion of the inaugural Star Search in 1988, she was offered a 3-year contract with the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC), now known as Mediacorp. While Tay had initially disliked acting, she began feeling passionate for her craft after her role in Crime and Passion in 1991. Her breakthrough performance as a materialistic young woman in Pretty Faces catapulted her into stardom. Her popularity was affirmed with a Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste Award at the Star Awards every year for ten consecutive years since its inception in 1994. In 1996, Zoe won the Best Actress award for her role in The Golden Pillow at the annual Star Awards. In 2004, she was the first actress to have been awarded the prestigious All-Time Favourite Artiste .

Other than television dramas, Tay also forayed into films. In 2010, she starred opposite Hong Kong actor Kenny Ho in Love Cuts, playing the role of a terminally ill woman who has breast cancer. In 2013, she appeared in her first fully English-speaking role in Mister John with Irish star Aidan Gillen.

Tay has collaborated with many artistes in her various projects. Her on-screen chemistry with Li Nanxing in The Unbeatables and other serials has put them in the list of the Top 5 Best Onscreen Couples at the Star Awards 25th Drama Anniversary show. In 2015, she collaborated for the first time with Huang Biren, in The Dream Makers II.

Due to her contributions to the television industry in Singapore, a wax figurine was modelled after her by Madame Tussauds Singapore, and is currently on display in the museum.[4][5]

Tay won her second Best Actress at the Star Awards 2017 for You Can Be an Angel 2, 21 years after her first. In an interview, she revealed that after her first win in 1996, she had contemplated quitting as she felt "strangely empty and lost". Instead, she enrolled in an acting class in New York, an experience which transformed her to "someone who is focused on improving my acting and who can be exemplary to other actors." Guiding her are three Chinese words from her father: 毅力 or perseverance, 耐力 or endurance , 勇气 or courage.[6]

In Star Awards 2019 , Tay won her third Best Actress for the drama, A Million Dollar Dream.

Personal life

Tay is the sixth of seven children born to Teochew parents. She was three when her biological mother died in an accident. Her father remarried and had a daughter with Wong Pong Chin.[7] Her father worked at a pig farm in Lim Chu Kang while her stepmother was a housewife. Tay attended the now-defunct Kay Hua Primary School and later, Yuan Ching Secondary School, where she completed her O-level examinations. She studied design at the Baharuddin Vocational Institute.

When she was 13, she thought of using "Jenny" as her Christian name as people pronounced her hanyu pinyin surname Zheng as "Jenny". However her siblings didn't like it. She later found the name "Zoe" in a dictionary.[7]

She is fluent in Mandarin, Teochew and Cantonese.

Tay is married to Philip Chionh, an RSAF pilot.[8] They were engaged in 1995 and held their wedding ceremony in 2001. They have 3 sons together: Brayden, Ashton and Nathan.[9]


Chinese/Dialect Series

1988窈窕淑女 My Fair Ladies
奇缘之怨偶天成 Strange Encounters II
1989铁警雄风 Patrol
亲心唤我心 A Mother's Love
1990出人头地 Finishing Line
壮志豪情 Navy
1991最后一个大侠 The Last Swordsman
三面夏娃 Pretty Faces
1992霹雳红唇 Ladies In Action
执法先锋 Crime and Passion
戏剧人生 Terms of Endearment
1993暴雨狂花 Angel of Vengeance
卿本佳人 Ride The Waves
双天至尊 The Unbeatables
欢喜冤家 Happy Foes
1994惊天大阴谋 Thunder Plot
爱情定金(电视电影) Love Dowry
聪明糊涂心 Truly Yours
一号凶宅 Shadow In the Dark
1995潮洲家族 Teochew Family
甜甜屋(电视电影) Love Knows No Bounds
金枕头 Golden Pillow
1996杀之恋 (电视电影) Pointed Triangle
妈姐情缘 A Different Life
双天至尊II The Unbeatables II
1997101老婆之老婆柠檬茶 My Wife, Your Wife, Their Wives
富贵双城 Love in A Foreign City
长河 Rising Expectations
迷情专访(电视电影) The Scoop
1998神雕侠侣 Return of the Condor Heroes
卫斯理传奇 The New Adventures Of Wisely
1999另类佳人 Lost Soul
千年虫 'The Millennium Bug
2000家事 My Home Affairs
2001世纪攻略 The Stratagem
大酒店 The Hotel
2002加东 Miss Oh Katong Miss Oh
双天至尊III The Unbeatables III
2003PCK Pte Ltd V 鬼马家族V
我家四个宝 Baby Boom
2004跑吧男人 Man at 40
野蛮亲家 My Mighty In Laws
2006闲妻靓母 Lady of Leisure
百万宝 A Million Treasures
2008绝对佳人 La Femme
不凡的爱 By My Side
2009The Ultimatum
Ye Yuchen
  • Pairs up with Li Nanxing
  • 1/2 Female Lead 两大女主角之一
Liu Zhaodi
2012Double Bonus
Li Meifeng
  • Pairs up with Terence Cao
  • 1st Female Lead 第一女主角
2013The Dream Makers
Zhou Weiyun
  • Pairs up with Chen Hanwei
  • 1/4 of the Female Lead 四大女主角之一
Qiu Yun
  • 1st Female Lead 第一女主角
2015You Can Be An Angel Too
Wang Ruojun
The Dream Makers II
Zhou Weiyun
  • Pairs up with Li Nanxing
  • 1/4 of the Female Lead 四大女主角之一
2016Eat Already?
Doctor Tay
  • Special Appearance 特别演出
  • Dialect Drama Series
You Can Be An Angel 2
Wang Ruojun
  • Pairs up with Guo Liang
  • Cameo Appearance 客串
2017While We Are Young
Fang Ting
  • Pairs up with Terence Cao
  • Mother of Calvert Tay
  • 1/2 of the Female Lead 两大女主角之一
2018A Million Dollar Dream
Hu Jiaofen
  • Cameo Appearance 客串
  • Toggle Original Series
You Can Be An Angel 3
Wang Ruojun
  • Pairs up with Thomas Ong
  • 1/3 of the Female Lead 三大女主角之一
2019How Are You?
Doctor Soong
  • Cameo Appearance 客串
  • Dialect Drama Series
All Is Well
Zhang Bizhu

Compilation album

Year English title Mandarin title
2012MediaCorp Music Lunar New Year Album 12新传媒群星金龙接财神
2013MediaCorp Music Lunar New Year Album 13群星贺岁金蛇献祥和
2015MediaCorp Music Lunar New Year Album 15新传媒群星金羊添吉祥
2016MediaCorp Music Lunar New Year Album 16新传媒群星金猴添喜庆
2017MediaCorp Music Lunar New Year Album 17新传媒群星咕鸡咕鸡庆丰年
2018MediaCorp Music Lunar New Year Album 18新传媒群星阿狗狗过好年
2019MediaCorp Music Lunar New Year Album 19新传媒群星猪饱饱欢乐迎肥年


Star Awards – Acting Awards
YearCeremonyCategoryNominated workResult
19941st Star Awards CeremonyTop 5 Most Popular Female ArtistesN/ATop 5 (highest vote among all winners)
1995 2nd Star Awards CeremonyBest ActressLove Dowry
(as Min)
2nd Star Awards CeremonyTop 5 Most Popular Female ArtistesN/ATop 5 (highest vote among all winners)
19963rd Star Awards CeremonyBest ActressThe Golden Pillow
(as Zhou Xiaodan)
3rd Star Awards CeremonyTop 10 Most Popular Female ArtistesN/ATop 10
19974th Star Awards CeremonyBest ActressA Different Life
(as Ou Guikai)
4th Star Awards CeremonyBest Theme SongThe Unbeatables IINominated
4th Star Awards CeremonyTop 10 Most Popular Female ArtistesN/ATop 10
19985th Star Awards CeremonyBest ActressThe New Adventures of Wisely
(as Bai Su)
5th Star Awards CeremonySpecial Achievement AwardN/AWon
5th Star Awards CeremonyTop 10 Most Popular Female ArtistesN/ATop 10
19996th Star Awards CeremonyBest ActressLost Souls
(as Pian Pian)
6th Star Awards CeremonyBest Theme SongLost SoulsNominated
6th Star Awards CeremonyTop 10 Most Popular Female ArtistesN/ATop 10
2000 7th Star Awards CeremonyBest ActressMy Home Affairs
(as Zhang Xiaotong)
7th Star Awards CeremonyTop 10 Most Popular Female ArtistesN/ATop 10
20018th Star Awards CeremonyBest ActressThe Strategem
(as Ye Kaishuang)
8th Star Awards CeremonyTop 10 Most Popular Female ArtistesN/ATop 10
20029th Star Awards CeremonyTop 10 Most Popular Female ArtistesN/ATop 10
200310th Star Awards CeremonyBest ActressBaby Boom
(as Kim)
10th Star Awards CeremonyTop 10 Most Popular Female ArtistesN/ATop 10
200411th Star Awards CeremonyAll-Time Favourite ArtisteN/AReceived
201218th Star Awards CeremonyBest ActressDevotion
(as Liu Zhaodi)
201420th Star Awards CeremonyFavourite Female CharacterThe Dream Makers
(as Zhou Weiyun)
201622nd Star Awards CeremonyBest ActressThe Dream Makers II
(as Zhou Weiyun)
22nd Star Awards CeremonyToggle Celebrity BFF AwardN/ANominated
201723rd Star Awards CeremonyBest ActressYou Can Be an Angel 2
(as Wang Ruojun)
201824th Star Awards CeremonyBest ActressWhile We Are Young
(as Fang Ting)
201925th Star Awards CeremonyBest ActressA Million Dollar Dream
(as Hu Jiaofen)
Asian Television Awards – Acting Awards
YearCategoryNominated workResult
2000 Best Actress in a Leading RoleMy Home Affairs
(as Zhang Xiaotong)
2010The Ultimatum
(as Ye Yucheng)
2017You Can Be an Angel 2
(as Wang Ruojun)


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