Zlin Aircraft

Zlin Aircraft a.s. (former well known name Moravan Otrokovice) is a Czech aircraft company located at Otrokovice Airfield on the outskirts of Otrokovice, famous for the line of Z-26 TRENER and other small aircraft like crop-dusting Z-37 and aerobatics special Z-50.


1934-1938 Zlínská letecká společnost, a. s.

Founded in 1934 as Zlínská letecká společnost, a. s. (Zlin Aviation company), by Zlín-based company Bata, it started to produce glider and single engine aircraft trainers. Later production expanded to segments of sport and agriculture aircraft. Trainer Z-XII became the most popular type of the era.

1938-1945 Zlínské letecké závody, a.s.

During the German occupation of Czechoslovakia, the factory was known as Zlínské letecké závody, a.s. (Zlin Aviation Works JSC). It produced German trainer types Klemm Kl 35, after the war known as C-1 in Czechoslovakia, and a low-wing Bücker Bü 181 which was later produced as Z-181 (military designation C-6).

1945-1952 Zlínavion

After WW II, the company was nationalised and used its official name Zlínské letecké závody, a.s. v národní správě (Zlín Aviation Works JSC under National Administration) and later on, it was incorporated to the Automobilové závody, národní podnik (Automotive Works, National Enterprise) as its Otrokovice Plant using its new trade name Zlínavion. In mid-Sept 1948, the factory became a part of newly established Let, národní podnik (seated in Prague) as its Plant No.7 in Otrokovice (nominally merged with Zlin and renamed to Gottwaldov on 1 January 1949).

1953-1989 Moravan, n.p.

In 1953 a new name Moravan, was adopted and marked the beginning of the most famous period for the company. Series of Z-26 Trener were produced in the 1960s and 70s in large numbers for domestic civil and military use as well as export to both eastern and western customers. The type was one of the most popular for modern aerobatics competitions and it contributed to definition of high performance aerobatics specials. Other Zlin aircraft from the time are crop-dusting Z-37 Čmelák, Reliable all-metal trainers, two seat Z-42/142 and four seat Z-43 and a new aerobatics special Z-50 which was a next generation aerobatics type replacing the Z-26 series in competitions.

1990-2006 Moravan a.s.

The state enterprise was transformed to a joint-stock company after the fall of the Communist regime. It continued in production of the Z-42 and Z-43 series but the sales were rapidly falling and the sales network became disorganized as the company organization did not adapt to the market changes from centrally organized eastern markets to the free competition. Also the aircraft design was outdated (mainly engines) and the company could not find customers for its specific advantages (reliability and simple maintenance). The company suffered financial problems in 2002, it was renamed Moravan-Aeroplanes a.s. and it continued production of upgraded variants of Z-242L and Z-143L with improved wing design and Lycoming engines. It also prepared the Z-143Lsi variant with fuel injection engine. However, the financial situation became even worse and the company declared bankruptcy in 2005. In December 2006, the company was taken over by CzechAircraft, s. r. o. owned by Irish QucomHaps Holding Ltd. represented by Billy Harkin and renamed Moravan Aviation s.r.o.

2006-2010 Moravan Aviation s.r.o.

The production line has not changed and the backbone of the company activities were Z-143L and Z-242L, followed by the finally certified variant of Z-143LSi. The business was also extended with sub-deliveries to other aircraft factories in the Czech Republic like Aero Vodochody and LET Aircraft Industries. But the revival was short-lived and the famed company was closed due to long-term poor financial results and management in March 2010 .

Since 2009 - ZLIN AIRCRAFT a.s.

ZLIN AIRCRAFT a.s. was founded in July 2009 with a goal to take over the production of the ZLIN aircraft. It bought all the rights to manufacture the current line of the Z-143L, Z-242L and Z-143Lsi as well as buildings, materials and personnel from the Moravan Aviation. The company possesses all necessary certificates issued either by EASA or by local State authorities and/or ministries. Another notable activity is maintenance and overhauls of the ZLIN aircraft which are still very popular.

List of Zlin aircraft types

ModelProductionNumber produced
ZLIN I1933-193511
ZLIN II19331
ZLIN IV1934-19356
ZLIN V1934-1935121
ZLIN VI1935-193628
ZLIN X19363
New aircraft
Kl 35B1939-1942323
Bücker 1811941-1945783
HC 2, HC 1021957-196236
Z 35, Z 13519601
Powered Aircraft
Zlín IX19341
Zlín XI19351
Zlín Z-XII1935-1939201
Zlín 2121937-193951
Zlín Z-XIII19371
Zlín XVIII1939-19401
Zlín XV19392
Zlín Z-201939-19461
Zlín Z-1811945-194671
Zlín Z-2811946-194979
Zlín Z-1921946-19492
Zlín Z-3811947-1953315
Zlín Z-221949-195031
PLK 519501
Zlín Z-13, Zlín Z-1131946-1949211
Zlín Z-241946-1949301
Zlín Z-251947-1949101
Zlín Z-30, Zlín Z-1301948-195241
Zlín Z-1241949-19504
Zlín Z-1251950-1952151
Zlín Z-22519521
Zlín Z-42519541
Persy I1935-193731
Persy II1936-1939270
Persy III19393
Toma 41946-1949106
Toma 619492
Herkules H119486
Herkules H21949-1952153
Herkules H31957-1961522
Zlín Z 261947-1951164
Zlín Z-1261954-1956167
Zlín Z-226 A, B, T, AS1956-1961364
Zlín Z-326 A, TM1959-1968436
Zlín Z-526 F, L, A, AS, AF, AFS, FI1966-1974325
Zlín Z-726 U, K1973-197432
Agricultural aircraft
Zlín Z 371962-1985739
Zlín Z-37 T1985-199451
Aerobatic aircraft
Zlín Z-50 L, LS, LX, LE, M1975-199483
Serie 40
Zlín Z 43, Z 143 S, L1974-198187
Zlín Z-42 M, MU, L1974-1980193
Zlín Z-142 L, C, CAF1979-present364
Zlín Z-242 L, LA1992-present125
Zlín Z-143 L1993-present54
Zlín Z-143 LSi2004-present2
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