Zindagi Wins

Zindagi Wins (translation: Life Wins) is an Indian medical drama series that aired on channel Bindass from 21 February 2015 to 13 June 2015. The show was produced by Cinevistaas Limited.

Zindagi Wins
GenreMedical Drama
Created bySiddharth Malhotra[1]
Screenplay byAnantika Sahir
Story bySameer Arora
Directed byAbhijit Das
Vikram Labhe
Creative director(s)Anindita Sinha
StarringSee below
Music byRaju Singh
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes24
Producer(s)Prem Krishen Malhotra
Siddharth Malhotra
Sunil Mehta
Production location(s)Mumbai
Running timeApprox. 41 minutes
Production company(s)Cinevistaas Limited
Original networkBindass
Picture format480i(SDTV)
Original release21 February (2015-02-21) 
13 June 2015 (2015-06-13)
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The show portrays the journey of Dr. Alia, Dr. Malavika and Dr. Ishaan at Lifebeat Hospital and their quest for medical excellence with their different values and ethics and also how they take Lifebeat to greater heights.[2][3][4]


Dr. Alia Akhtar(Abigail Jain), a Cardiologist, joins Lifebeat Hospital at Mumbai. She finds herself at odds with Dr.Malvika Seth (Sara Khan), a Neuro Surgeon , due to their differences in the methods of treatment. Dr. Alia believes in listening to the heart while Dr. Malvika believes in listening to the brain. Due to their differences and Alia's 'listen-to-the-heart approach', she gets into trouble everytime. Enter Dr. Ishaan Srinivas (Kiran Srinivas), a Psychiatrist, who befriends Alia and helps her out in every situations. Alia reveals to Ishaan that she is in search of her missing father, Major Akhtar for the past 5 years.lshaan consoles Alia and promises her to stay with her always. Alia on knowing that Ishaan and Malvika broke up few months ago, but still love each other, decides to help them patch up. But Alia falls in love with Ishaan and decides to confess her feelings. By that time Ishaan and Malvika patch up leaving Alia heartbroken after which Alia starts avoiding Ishaan to give them space. Dr.Veer,(Kushaal Punjabi) an ex-army doctor who has worked with Alia's father, also joins the hospital. Veer's interference in hospital matters and his straight forward and tough approach in treating patients irks Alia, Malvika and Ishaan. Alia and Ishaan end up exposing an illegal organ trafficking racket in Lifebeat Hospital that leads to the expulsion of Dr. Sinha from the hospital. Alia and Veer bond as she learns about her father from Veer. Ishaan and Alia solves the issues between them but Alia decides to stay away from Ishaan as she overhears Malvika's demand before Ishaan to choose between his friend (Alia) and his girlfriend(Malvika). Ishaan gets jealous on Veer's close approach with Alia. He starts missing Alia which creates problems between him and Malvika. Ishaan then realizes that he is actually in love with Alia and confesses his feelings to her. At the same time,Veer falls in love with Alia and confesses his feelings to her. Malvika's estranged father Dr. Bedi takes over the reins at Lifebeat Hospital. Alia recognizes him as the doctor who once saved her father's life. On her insistence, Malvika and her father patch up their differences and this leads to Malvika beginning to trust Alia. Alia, who is a fan of Dr. Bedi, sacrifices her love for Ishaan and accepts Veer's proposal in front of everyone in the hospital which shocks Ishaan. Ishaan learns about Alia's feelings for him from Dr. Sahil, younger brother of Alia's best friend. Alia, Veer, Ishaan, and Malavika go on a double date where Ishaan begs Alia to break up with Veer and listen to her heart while Alia rejects him saying that they would be cheating on Malvika and Veer. Malvika overhears this conversation and slaps Alia in front of everyone. With the help of Ishaan, Alia discovers that her father went missing because of Veer, which leaves Alia shattered and she meets with an accident. Ishaan realises Veer's love for Alia as he brought Alia back to life when her condition became critical. Malvika realises her mistakes and let Ishaan and Alia unite. Ishaan suggests Alia to accept Veer's love and decides to leave to London. Alia plays a prank on Ishaan with the help of Veer and Malvika so that he doesn't leave to London and confesses her love to Ishaan. Ishaan and Alia realise that they are meant to be together and unites.



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