Zero (name)

Zero or Zéro is surname, given name or pseudonym of:


  • Zero Mostel, stage name of American actor Samuel Joel Mostel (1915–1977)
  • Zero Hubbard (born 1971), American television and film actor
  • João Zero (cartoonist) (born 1950), Brazilian illustrator
  • Gonzalo Barrios (eSports player) (born 1995), professional Super Smash Bros. for Wii U player known by his alias ZeRo
  • Karl Zéro, stage name of French filmmaker Marc Tellenne (born 1961)
  • Renato Zero, stage name of Italian singer/songwriter Renato Fiacchini (born 1950)
  • Zero, stage name of Japanese bass player of the former band D'espairsRay
  • Zero (wrestler) or Lady Zero, briefly a ring name of Japanese professional wrestler Chigusa Nagayo (born 1964)

Fictional characters

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  • Louise the Zero, a character in Zero no Tsukaima media
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