Zencap was a German company, operating a peer-to-peer lending platform, which allowed private savers to lend money directly to small and medium sized businesses in Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands.[1] Using the crowdfunding model, the company based in Berlin, Germany[2] aimed to create a direct link between private lenders and small businesses seeking loans.[1][3][4][5] As of December 2014, Zencap had facilitated 5 million Euro in loans to small and medium sized firms.[6]

Zencap Global Services
IndustryFinancial Services, Software
FounderDr. Christian Grobe, Dr. Matthias Knecht
Area served
Germany, Spain, The Netherlands
ProductsPeer-to-peer lending
Number of employees
ParentRocket Internet
WebsiteOfficial website

In October 2015, the company was merged with Funding Circle, being active on UK and US.[7][8]


The company, based in Berlin, was founded in March 2014[9][10] by Christian Grobe and Matthias Knecht, with support from Rocket Internet.[1][9][11]


The business model resembled the US peer-to-peer lending platform Lending Club and UK-based company Funding Circle.[12] Zencap facilitated small business loans from 10,000 to 250,000 euros.[1] Zencap determined whether the borrower was creditworthy and assigned a credit grade that determined the payable interest rate and the fees. Zencap itself charged borrowers a 1% to 4.5% origination fee. The loan period ranged between 6 and 60 months while the loan could be repaid without an early repayment fee at any time.[13] Conditions varied between countries.

Der Tagesspiegel quoted founder Christian Grobe, "We are very strict with the risk assessment."[1] Once approved, businesses posted their loan request on the Zencap marketplace, where private lenders were able to choose which businesses they wanted to lend money to.[14]

Zencap becomes part of Funding Circle

In October 2015, Zencap became part of Funding Circle, another lending platform in Europe[15]. Zencap was mainly active in Germany while Funding Circle was big in the UK. The merge made Funding Circle one of the main peer to business lending leaders in Europe.

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