Zastava P25

The Zastava P25, nicknamed the Dark Lady,[1] is a blowback-operated, single-action, semi-automatic pocket pistol chambered in .25 ACP.[2] The P25 is manufactured by Zastava Arms of Serbia. It features a two-stage safety mechanism whereas pulling the hammer into the first position blocks both the trigger and the hammer. The pistol frame is made of aluminum alloy and the barrel is made of alloy steel, while the handgrips are usually made of walnut or polymer materials. The P25 is aimed extensively at the civilian market as a self-defense weapon due to its concealability, but is somewhat less favorable compared to the M57, M88 and CZ 99 pistols due to its small caliber.

Zastava P25
Dark Lady
TypeSemi-Automatic Pocket Pistol
Place of originSerbia
Production history
ManufacturerZastava Arms
Mass320 g
Length118 mm (4.7 in.)
Barrel length56 mm (2.2 in.)

Cartridge.25 ACP
Muzzle velocity750–900 ft/s
Feed system8-Round Detachable-Box Magazine
SightsIron Sights

Its production has been likely discontinued as it is no longer listed on the Zastava Arms website.


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