Zastava Master FLG

The Zastava Master FLG is a 9mm submachine gun developed by Zastava Arms in the early 1990s in Yugoslavia.[1] The FLG was designed with police and special forces in mind and was made from plastic and steel.[2]

Zastava Master FLG
One of the later prototypes
TypeSubmachine gun
Place of origin
Production history
ManufacturerCrvena Zastava (Zastava Arms)
VariantsFLG, FLG P and FLG K
  • 2600 grams (empty magazine)
  • 3110 grams (full magazine)
  • 385mm (folded)
  • 597-620mm (unfolded)
Barrel length198mm

Cartridge9×19mm Parabellum
ActionGas-operated, rotating bolt
Rate of fire850 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity400 m/s (1,312 ft/s)
Feed system20 or 30 round double-stack box magazine
Sightstritium night sights

Design details

The Zastava Master FLG is gas operated submachine gun based on M70 design, but also incorporates some design features found on MP5. Special attention has been given to safety and ergonomic details and to prevent accidental firing when the gun is dropped or bumped. Weapon fires from a closed, fully locked rotating bolt. An internal lever blocks the triggering mechanism if the bolt is not fully closed.

All principle operations can be executed without moving the firing finger from the trigger guard. The gun features upper (ambidextrous) and lower magazine catch.


Master FLG basic version[3]

Master FLG P version with integral M.91-4 silencer

Master FLG K short barreled version with finger slip vertical forward grip handguards.

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