Zastava M12 Black Spear

The Zastava M12 Black Spear is a 12.7mm or .50 caliber anti-materiel rifle developed by Zastava Arms of Serbia

Zastava M12 Black Spear
TypeAnti-materiel rifle
Place of originSerbia
Production history
ManufacturerZastava Arms
  • 13.46 kg (12.7×108 variant)
  • 12.93 kg (12.7×99 variant)
  • 1,700 mm (12.7×108 variant)
  • 1,533 mm (12.7×99 variant)
Barrel length
  • 1,007 mm (12.7×108 variant)
  • 840.5 mm (12.7×99 variant)

ActionBolt action (rotating bolt; long action)
Maximum firing range1,800 m
Feed system5-round magazine
SightsOptical sight (4-16 x 56mm)


The M12 is based on the Mauser action. The barrel interior is chrome plated, and on the exterior has flutes to improve cooling. It has a muzzle brake to help reduce recoil.[1]

The trigger pull and position can be adjusted; a safety mechanism is also incorporated on the trigger. The stock is made of aluminium and has a built-in buffer, to further reduce the effect of recoil, and a third folding leg, which can be adjusted in height, to complement the bipod assembled under the barrel.[1]

It can be chambered for either 12.7×108mm (maximum range 1,800 m) or .50 BMG (maximum range 1,600 m) ammunition. On top of the chamber has a Picatinny rail to fix different types of optical devices.[1]

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