Zastava M07

The Zastava M07 is a modern military sniper rifle developed and manufactured by Zastava Arms, Serbia. The M07 rifle is based on the Mauser 98 bolt action, and the barrel is made of chrome-vanadium steel. The rifle is loaded from a detachable magazine with a capacity of 5 rounds.

Zastava M07
Zastava M07
TypeSniper rifle
Place of originSerbia
Service history
In service2007-Present
Used bySerbian Army
Production history
ManufacturerZastava Arms
Mass5.4 kg (11.9 lb) (with optical sight)
Length1,191 mm (46.89 in)
Barrel length650 mm (25.59 in)

Cartridge7.62×51mm NATO
ActionBolt action (rotating bolt - long action)
Rate of fireuser dependent
Muzzle velocity840 m/s
Effective firing range1000 m with optics
Feed system5 round
Sights1,000 m
optical sights can be mounted on a rail

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