Zapatourism (from Spanish, zapaturismo) is a touristic phenomenon in the Mexican state of Chiapas caused by the presence of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation. International and national tourists visit the area attracted by the message, image or policy of the Zapatista movement which claims to provide autonomy, dignity and freedom of the local indigenous communities. The rebel communities and municipalities in the zone are the entrance to this anti-globalization movement, phenomenon which is also called "political tourism".

The endorsement to tourism made by the neozapatistas has its origin on the fact that the EZLN is a post-modern guerrilla (which calls itself "pacific insurgency").


In 1996, the EZLN started the "zapaturismo" by inviting world renowned celebrities such as Oliver Stone, Edward James Olmos, Danielle Mitterrand, to visit the Lacandon Jungle, in the state of Chiapas.

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