Zap is an onomatopoeic word for an electrostatic discharge, especially one that causes an electric shock.

Zap or ZAP may refer to:



  • Zap, stage name of female bodybuilder Raye Hollitt on the TV show American Gladiators

Arts, entertainment, and media


  • Zap Comix, an underground comics series founded by Robert Crumb in 1968
  • Zap! (webcomic), a sci-fi webcomic by Chris Layfield and Pascalle C

Fictional characters

Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media


  • .ZAP File, a file extension allowing publishing of an application to users where an MSI file does not exist
  • OWASP ZAP, a penetration testing tool for finding vulnerabilities in web applications
  • ZAP (Zero And Pack), xBase command to empty database table (dbf file)
  • Zero and Add Packed decimal, a machine instruction in the IBM Basic assembly language
  • Zap (software), a decentralized social networking platform implementing the Zot6 and ActivityPub protocols


  • ZAP (motor company), or Zero Air Pollution, an electric vehicle manufacturer and marketer
  • Zap, or Zaporozhets, a long-lived series of small, rear-engined Soviet Ukrainian cars
  • ZAP, call sign of Titan Airways
  • Zap flaps, a high lift device used to reduce landing speeds in aircraft

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