Zanzibar Channel

The Zanzibar Channel is a strait in south-eastern Africa, separating the island of Unguja (also known as Zanzibar) from mainland Tanzania. The channel is 120 km long and 29-37 km wide, with depth varying from a few dozen metres (in the centre) to a few hundred metres to the north and to the south.[2] In ancient times the overall depth of the channel has been considerably smaller (about 120 m less during the last ice age).[2]

Zanzibar Channel
The Zanzibar Channel in an 1872 map
Coordinates06°00′S 39°00′E
Ocean/sea sourcesIndian Ocean
Basin countriesTanzania
Max. length110 km (68 mi)
Max. width37 km (23 mi)[1]
IslandsUnguja (Zanzibar)

The southern entrance to the Channel is indicated by a lighthouse located on the mainland coast on the Ras Kanzi promontory, 22 km south of Dar es Salaam.[3]


In 2015, the 29km solo swim across the Zanzibar Channel starting at the Pungume Sandbank was completed in 9 hrs 1 minute by Jean Craven (SA) , Robert Dunford (Kenya), Megan Harrington Johnson (SA), Samantha Whelpton (SA) and Emil Berning (SA) [4]


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