ZVI Falcon

The ZVI Falcon is a Czech 12.7 mm caliber bolt-action bullpup sniper and anti-materiel rifle developed by Zbrojovka Vsetín Inc. (now ZVI Inc.). The rifle is intended for ground troops and special forces for operations against distant targets up to 1,600 metres (1,700 yd) away, such as armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) or technical equipment.[2]

TypeBolt-action bullpup sniper/anti-materiel rifle
Place of originCzech Republic
Service history
In service1998[1]–present
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WarsSee Conflicts
Production history
ManufacturerZVI Inc. (formerly Zbrojovka Vsetín Inc.)
Specifications (OP99)
Mass12.2 kg (27 lb) (single-shot)
12.9 kg (28 lb) (with magazine)
Length1,260 mm (50 in)
Barrel length839 mm (33 in)

Cartridge.50 BMG (OP96)
12.7×108mm (OP99)
ActionMauser bolt action
Muzzle velocity825–925 m/s (2,710–3,030 ft/s)
Effective firing range1,600 m (1,700 yd) (day)
800 m (870 yd) (night)
Feed system2-round fixed box magazine
SightsZD 10×50 telescopic sight
ZN 6× passive night vision sight
Backup iron sights

Design and features

The Falcon is a bullpup bolt-action rifle with a Mauser locking system and fixed 2-round box magazine. It features a magazine cut-off, necessitating a new cartridge must be manually loaded into the chamber after each shot when it is engaged. The bolt has two locking lugs.

Mounted about halfway along the Falcon are a collapsible bipod and a carrying handle. It also features a muzzle brake to dampen recoil; ZVI states that the muzzle brake reduces recoil by 75 percent. A bayonet mount was planned, but was not included on production versions.[3]

The Falcon features a sight rail to mount the Meopta ZD 10×50 telescopic sight for daylight engagements and the Meopta ZN 6× passive night vision sight for nighttime use. A protective cover is available to protect the scope from damage. The rifle also has backup iron sights for emergency use if the scope is damaged.

The Falcon can be stowed in a carrying case for transport, and a special backpack is available for use by airborne forces.


The Falcon was used in the War in Afghanistan.


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