ZES (television channel)

ZES is a Belgian commercial television channel for Flemish public which started broadcasting on 6 October 2016. It is part of SBS Belgium. The channel is a sister channel of VIER and VIJF. ZES will focus on older, successful series, movies and sitcoms. Most of them will be of American origin. Furthermore, the channel will be the first Flemish one to focus on the broadcast of series with all episodes of one or more seasons directly after each other.[1]

Launched6 October 2016
Owned bySBS Belgium
Streaming media


On 14 June 2016, SBS Belgium announced to launch a third channel named ZES. Main reason is that their other channels, VIER and VIJF, will more focus on Flemish productions. As there is still a market which wanted to see foreign, mainly English-languaged movies, sitcoms and series, it was decided to move the broadcast of these programs previously broadcast in two other channels to this new channel.


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