Yves de Bayser

Yves de Bayser (1920–1999) was a French poet, essayist, and translator.


He was discovered by René Char and contributed to 1946 journals: Fontaine, L’Arche, Botteghe oscure, and Mercure de France. In 1954, Albert Camus published his essays, Églogues du tyran, in his Gallimard collection.[1]



  • Douze poèmes pour un secret, Guy Lévis-Mano 1948.
  • Également auteur du Jardin (Tchou, 1970), préfacé par André Pieyre de Mandiargues
  • Inscrire (Granit, 1979) ISBN 2-86281-107-6
  • Le jardin, Granit, 1993 LCCN 71574986
  • Apercevoir, Fata Morgana, 1999. ISBN 978-2-85194-488-7


  • Le cycle de Cuchulain William Butler Yeats, Translated by Yves de Bayser, Obliques, 1974
  • "Le Seuile du Palais du Roi", Cahiers de l'Herne, Yeats,

English Translations

  • Adam international review, Volumes 42-43, 1980


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