Yusuke Morozumi

Yusuke Morozumi (両角 友佑, Morozumi Yusuke, born January 16, 1985 in Nagano) is a Japanese curler from Karuizawa. He skipped the Japanese men's team at the 2018 Winter Olympics.[2]

Yusuke Morozumi
Born (1985-01-16) 16 January 1985
Curling clubKaruizawa CC,
Karuizawa, JPN
SkipYusuke Morozumi
ThirdMasaki Iwai
SecondRyotaro Shukuya
LeadKosuke Morozumi
World Championship
6 (2009, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)
Pacific-Asia Championship
9 (2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)
1 (2018)

Yusuke Morozumi was the skip of the Japanese team at the 2004 World Junior Curling Championships,[3] placing 9th.

In 2008, by finishing 2nd at the Pacific Curling Championships he and his team qualified for the 2009 World Men's Curling Championships, finishing 10th overall. Since then, he has skipped Japan at the 2013 (11th place), 2014 (5th), 2015 (6th), 2016 (4th) and 2017 (7th) World Championships. In total, he has played in 9 Pacific-Asia Curling Championships (as of 2017), with his best finish coming at the 2016 Pacific-Asia Curling Championships where he captured gold.

Morozumi skipped the Japanese team which also included Tetsuro Shimizu, Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi, Kosuke Morozumi and Kohsuke Hirata at the 2018 Winter Olympics. There, he led his team to a 4-5 record, in 8th place overall.

Personal life

Morozumi is married and works as a sports instructor.[4] He is a graduate of Kanazawa University[5].


Season Skip Third Second Lead Alternate Events
2002–03Hiroaki KashiwagiKazuto YanagizawaYoichi NakasatoYusuke MorozumiKeita Satoh2003 WJCC
2003–04Yusuke MorozumiMasahori SatohYoichi NakasatoKeisaku FujimakiKazuya Kobayashi2004 WJCC
2005–06Yusuke MorozumiTsuyoshi YamaguchiMasahori SatohYoichi NakasatoKosuke Morozumi2006 PJCC
2006–07Yusuke MorozumiMasonori SatohYoichi NakasatoTsuyoshi Yamaguchi
Yusuke MorozumiTsuyoshi YamaguchiMasanori SatoTetsuro ShimizuRyo Ogihara2007 WUG[6]
2007–08Yusuke MorozumiTsuyoshi YamaguchiTetsuro ShimizuYuta Matsumura
2008–09Yusuke MorozumiTsuyoshi YamaguchiTetsuro ShimizuKosuke MorozumiKeita Satoh2009 WMCC
2008 PCC
2009–10Yusuke MorozumiTsuyoshi YamaguchiTetsuro ShimizuKosuke MorozumiHayato Sato2009 PCC
2010–11Yusuke MorozumiTsuyoshi YamaguchiTetsuro ShimizuKosuke Morozumi
2011–12Yusuke MorozumiTsuyoshi YamaguchiTetsuro ShimizuKosuke Morozumi
2012–13Yusuke MorozumiTsuyoshi YamaguchiTetsuro ShimizuKosuke MorozumiYoshiro Shimizu2012 PCC, 2013 WCC
2013–14Yusuke MorozumiTsuyoshi YamaguchiTetsuro ShimizuKosuke MorozumiShinya Abe2013 PCC, 2013 OQE, 2014 WCC
2014–15Yusuke MorozumiTsuyoshi YamaguchiTetsuro ShimizuKosuke MorozumiYuta Matsumura2014 PCC, 2015 WCC
2015–16Yusuke MorozumiTsuyoshi YamaguchiTetsuro ShimizuKosuke MorozumiKohsuke Hirata
Yasumasa Tanida
2015 PCC, 2016 WCC
2016–17Yusuke MorozumiTsuyoshi YamaguchiTetsuro ShimizuKosuke MorozumiKohsuke Hirata2016 PCC, 2017 AWG, 2017 WCC
2017–18Yusuke MorozumiTsuyoshi YamaguchiTetsuro ShimizuKosuke MorozumiKohsuke Hirata2017 PCC, 2018 OG
2019–20[7]Yusuke MorozumiMasaki IwaiRyotaro ShukuyaKosuke Morozumi

Grand Slam record

C Champion
F Lost in Final
SF Lost in Semifinal
QF Lost in Quarterfinals
R16 Lost in the round of 16
Q Did not advance to playoffs
T2 Played in Tier 2 event
DNP Did not participate in event
N/A Not a Grand Slam event that season
Event 2013–14 2014–15 2015–16 2016–17
Canadian Open DNP DNP DNP DNP
The National Q DNP DNP DNP
Players' Championships DNP DNP DNP DNP
Champions Cup N/A N/A DNP Q


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