Yozgat Province

Yozgat Province (Turkish: Yozgat ili) is a province in central Turkey. Its adjacent provinces are Çorum to the northwest, Kırıkkale to the west, Kırşehir to the southwest, Nevşehir to the south, Kayseri to the southeast, Sivas to the east, Tokat to the northeast, and Amasya to the north. The provincial capital is Yozgat.

Yozgat Province

Yozgat ili
Location of Yozgat Province in Turkey
RegionCentral Anatolia
  Electoral districtYozgat
  Total14,123 km2 (5,453 sq mi)
  Density30/km2 (78/sq mi)
Area code(s)0354
Vehicle registration66


Yozgat province is divided into 14 districts (capital district in bold):


The city's original name was "Bozok" and later the name was changed to Yozgat province. Oguz, "Bozok" arm began to flock to this area with the Turkmen regime. The area was referred to as "Bozok" even though the name Yozgat was also used. The origin of the name "Yozgat" is disputed. Different rumors have been put forward. According to a rumor,Yozgat layers are rising from the bottom up Saray from town. This is because many times the height of the rise and altitude at first "hundred times" was called. time grumbling under the name "Yozgat" has become.


Yozgat presumably has a history of 5000 years. Yozgat around the state established the first political union is the Hittites. Hittite era, today Yozgat is located within the boundaries established in the ancient city of Hattusa.


Yozgat is located on the Plateau of Bozok in the Department of the Central Red River in the Central Anatolia Region. Samsun-Ankara-Sivas highway and Kayseri and Mersin highways pass through Yozgat. From our country and from Europe to the Middle East trade further increases the importance of this pathway. Projected area 13,597 km ², while the actual area 14,123 km ². More mountainous province in general is not.


In the province, there are Bozok University offering bachelor's degree. In addition to this, There are Anatolian Teacher High School, Tourism and Hospitality Management and Anatolian high schools, Science High School and Yozgat Vocational High School in the province of Yozgat.


Major industries are food processing, clothing, metal processing, bricks and ready-mixed concrete production.


Yozgat's economy is largely based on agriculture. Grains and legumes predominate, while sugar beet, sunflower, potato and onion-family crops are grown in irrigated agricultural areas. Kadışehr district in fruit production between regions is expected to make great strides. Deveci Basin is an ideal area for apple production.

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