Your Hand In Mine

Your Hand In Mine (Chinese: 想握你的手) was a long-running TV drama produced by Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp TV Channel 8. With 180 episodes, it is the longest local drama produced by Mediacorp. It aired on weekdays at 7:00 pm beginning on 9 November 2009 and continued until 16 July 2010. The series' cast included: Huang Wenyong, Chen Liping, Yvonne Lim, Cai Peixuan, Belinda Lee, Shaun Chen, Paige Chua, Joanne Peh and Cavin Soh. The series was repeated twice on Mediacorp Channel 8 on weekdays at 2:00 am and 4:00 am, and on weekends at 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm.

Your Hand In Mine
Created byRebecca Leow 洪汐
Written byRebecca Leow 洪汐
Zhang Liangxing 张亮星
Wu Cuicui 吴翠翠
Chen Disheng 陈迪笙
Directed by谢益文
StarringHuang Wenyong
Chen Liping
Yvonne Lim
Cai Peixuan
Belinda Lee
Shaun Chen
Paige Chua
Joanne Peh
Cavin Soh
Opening themeYour Hand In Mine (想握你的手) by Milubing / Cavin Soh
Ending theme1) 想握你的手 (A-acapella version) by Teresa Tseng
2)只要你微笑 by Milubing
3)逞强 by Teresa Tseng
4) 反方向 by The Freshman
Country of originSingapore
Original language(s)Chinese
No. of episodes180
Producer(s)He Faming 何法明
Running timeapprox. 45 minutes per episode
Original networkMediaCorp TV Channel 8
Original release9 November 2009 
16 July 2010
Preceded byWelcome Home, My Love
Followed byThe Spirits of Love
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Production website
Your Hand In Mine
Traditional Chinese想握你的手
Simplified Chinese想握你的手

This drama was encored on weekends at 4.30 pm from 17 March 2012, with some episodes rated PG. The repeat telecast was pre-empted for a few variety specials during episodes 1–90.

Your Hand In Mine was the first Mediacorp production to be filmed entirely at outdoor locations like Lentor and Tanjong Katong, and the second to be filmed in high definition after The Ultimatum.


Penny-pinching Zheng Shan Guo (Huang Wen Yong) and his family of seven live in a five-room apartment. His spendthrift wife Yu Xiang (Chen Li Ping) manages to convince him to move into a bigger house, but they end up living next to a neurotic neighbour Wu You Li (Cavin Soh). You Li has a large tumor growing around his neck, making him self-conscious. He does not get along with people and is often disagreeable, but the appearance of a blind girl changes him and he begins to warm up. Lan Jin Yin (Jin Yinji) stays in the apartment next to Shan Guo with her two grandchildren, Li Qin (Shaun Chen) and Li Fen (Paige Chua) after their mother Qiu Mei (Jue Xi) was imprisoned for killing their father. Qiu Mei was released from prison and was shunned by Jin Yin and Li Qin when she looks them up. She moves into an apartment near them in an attempt to reconcile and make up for her past mistakes. This is a heartwarming story that touches on family issues, regrets, love lost and found .

Chit Chat Club

Before an episode, a humorous three-minute clip called Chit Chat Club (叽喳棺) was telecast as an appetizer for viewers.

Synopsis beginning

The Zheng family lives in a five-room Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat in Bishan, Singapore. Its occupants are money-minded eldest son Zheng Shanguo (Huang Wenyong), his materialistic wife Zhang Yuxiang (Chen Liping), and his daughters, the hot-tempered Aizhen (Yvonne Lim), the health-conscious Aishan (Belinda Lee) and the slow and simple Aimei (Cai Peixuan). The flat's other two occupants are Shanguo's elderly mother Lu Qiaomei (Hong Damu), who is always armed with a plan for every situation, and Shanguo's wayward younger brother, Shuiguo (Yao Wenlong). The Zheng family runs a coffee shop with two outlets, one in Bishan and the other in Jurong West.

Living directly opposite them is the Li family, which comprises the bedridden Jianzhou (Liang Tian), his wife Jinyin (Jin Yinji), and their grandchildren Liqin (Shuan Chen) and Lifen (Paige Chua). They moved to Bishan from Bukit Merah a decade ago to begin a new life after the murder of Jianzhou's son by his wife Qiumei (Jue Xi). Liqin had been at odds with Aizhen for a long time and they never fail to bicker when they meet. Jinyin is a gambler. She raised Liqin and Lifen with her earnings from her mahjong games, earning her the nickname "Granny Mahjong". Liqin and Jinyin are both very protective of Lifen, and she knows nothing about the murder of her father. She was told from an early age that her parents died in a fire.

Soon, Aizhen meets Fang Kai (Pierre Png), a rich young man who prefers to keep his immense wealth secret. Fang Kai is Liqin's best friend in university, and Aizhen tries to get more information about Fang Kai through him. Aizhen meets Fang Kai again on the set of Lifen's short film. Fang Kai poses as part of the middle class, but in fact is the son of the magnate, Jason Fang. Jason is married to Janet, but the love between them has long since gone. They pretend to be a happy family for the cameras, but this changes when Janet slaps Zen (Lynn Poh), a widowed film producer, who threatens to sue her. The case is later withdrawn.

Qiumei is released from prison and tries to find her family. In the process, she manages to get a job at 899, which Shanguo runs. She eventually meets her family after she is given information from a friendly police officer, Lin Hanwen (Huang Shinan), but she is kicked out by Jinyin and Liqin, much to the horror of Qiaomei and Aizhen. They decide to take her in, but it is not long after that she is fired by Yuxiang when she learns that Qiumei is a convicted murderer.


Zheng family

Huang WenyongZheng Shanguo (郑山国)Pop (老豆)
Miser (吝啬鬼)
Boss (老板)
Aizhen, Aishan, Aimei and Weiren's father
Yuxiang's husband
Qiaomei's eldest son
Li Liqin, Wu Youli & 4D's Father In Law
Boss of 899 Coffeeshop of Bishan & Jurong West Branch
Chen LipingZhang Yuxiang (张玉香)Christmas Tree (圣诞树)
Godness of Fortune (财神婆)
Lady Boss (老板娘)
Aizhen, Aishan, Aimei and Weiren's mother
Shanguo's wife
Youli's friend
Li Liqin, Wu Youli & 4D's Mother In Law
Lady Boss of 899 Coffeeshop of Bishan & Jurong West Branch
Yvonne LimZheng Aizhen(郑爱真)Idoit (火箭鬼)
Darling (大宝贝)
Tornado (龍捲風)
Breeze (慢慢吹得风)
Yuxiang and Shanguo's eldest daughter
Zheng Aishan & Aimei's eldest Sister
Liqin's wife
Television newscaster
Xiaolong's mother
Shaun ChenLi Liqin (李立勤)See Li family.
Belinda LeeZheng Aishan (郑爱善)Washington
Darling (二宝贝)
Yuxiang and Shanguo's second daughter
Co-owner of 899 Cafe
Youli's wife
Cai PeixuanZheng Aimei (郑爱美)Slowcoach (慢三排)
Kopi Girl (咖啡妹)
Miss Godness (小神女)
Meimei (美美)
Princess Coffee (咖啡公主)
Yuxiang and Shanguo's youngest daughter
Yue Guang's friend
Secretary at Moonlight Clinic
Co-owner of 899 Cafe
4D's wife
Yao WenlongZheng Shuiguo (郑水国)Shui (啊水)
Aunt Suanmei (酸梅姨)
Shanguo's brother
Qiaomei's youngest son
Qiumei's second husband
Hong DamuLu Qiaomei (卢巧妹)Shanguo and Shuiguo's mother
Jinyin's friend
In a relationship with Uncle Rojak
Chen XijieZheng Weiren (鄭偉仁)Shanguo and Yuxiang's son
Cavin SohWu Youli (吴有礼)See Wu family.
Hayden Hee4D
Zhu Zhongfeng (朱仲峰)
See 899 Coffee Shop.
Jess TeongGuan Qiumei (关秋梅)See Li family.

Li family

Shaun ChenLi Liqin (李立勤)Villain to Guan Qiumei

Major Main Villain as the series progresses
Jerk (讨厌鬼)
Qinqin (勤勤)
Unfilial Son (不肖子)
Qiumei's son
Former CEO of JZ Production Company
Aizhen's husband
Xiaolong's father
Fangkai's buddy
Zheng Shanguo & Zhang Yuxiang's eldest Son-In-Law
Being paid by Janet Fang to marry Aizhen

Paige ChuaLi Lifen (李立芬)Director (大导演)
Fenfen (芬芬)

Semi-villain to Guan Qiumei
Qiumei's daughter
Roland's wife
Film director
Fang Kai's love interest

Jin YinjiLan Jinyin (蓝金银)Granny Mahjong (神婆)
Villain to Guan Qiumei but repentant
Liqin and Lifen's grandmother
Jianzhou's wife
Qiumei's mother-in-law
Liang TianLi Jianzhou (李建舟)Jinyin's husband
Liqin and Lifen's grandfather
Qiumei's father-in-law
Jess TeongGuan Qiumei (关秋梅)Sour Plum (酸梅)
Liqin and Lifen's mother
Dezhu's assistant
Shuiguo's wife
Li Jianzhou & Lan Jinyan's daughter-in-law
Yvonne LimZheng Aizhen(郑爱真)See Zheng family.
Adam ChenRolandSee Yue family.
Yao WenlongZheng Shuiguo (郑水国)See Zheng family.

Wu family

Cavin SohWu Youli (吴有礼)Freak (怪胎)
Kind Soul (好心人)
Mr Wu (吴先生)
Youqing's brother
Rag-and-bone man (Karung-guni)
Aishan's husband
Bai Shouye's & Jinlian's son
Wu Tianming's adopted son
Zheng Shanguo & Zhang Yuxiang's second Son In Law
Joanne PehWu Youqing (吴有情)Ice Queen (走路的冰)
Miss Wu (吴律师)
Youli's sister
Fang Kai's wife
Bai Shouye's & Jinlian's daughter
Wu Tianming's adopted daughter
Belinda LeeZheng Aishan (郑爱善)See Zheng family.
Pierre PngFang Kai (方楷)See Fang family.
Joanne PehLiu Jinlian (刘金莲)Ah Lian (阿莲)
Bai Shouye's former wife
Youqing and Youli's mother

Yue family

Zhang YaodongYue Guang (岳光)Dr Yeah
Wu Youqing's former boyfriend
Roland's uncle
Jinlian's friend
Adam ChenRolandYue Guang's nephew
Lifen's husband
Zen's former boyfriend
H20s guardian

Fang family

Pierre PngFang Kai (方楷)Toy Boy 小白脸
Jason and Janet's son
Felicia's brother
Youqing's husband
Xiaolong's godfather
Chairman of JZ Production Company
Chen ShuchengJason Fang (Jason方)Fang Kai and Felicia's father
Janet's husband
Zen's former admirer
He JieJanet Fang (Janet方)Jason's wife
Fang Kai's mother
Felicia's stepmother
Sharon WongFelicia Fang (Felicia方)Jason and Janet's daughter
Liqin's ex-girlfriend

899 Coffee Shop

Cai PeixuanZheng Aimei (郑爱美)See Zheng family.
Huang WenyongZheng Shanguo (郑山国)See Zheng family.
Chen LipingZhang Yuxiang (张玉香)See Zheng family.
Haden HeeZhu Zhongfeng (朱仲峰)4D
Aimei's husband
Worker at 899 Coffee Shop & 899 Cafe
Zheng Shanguo & Zhang Yuxiang's youngest Son In Law
Patricia MokDried Chilli (辣椒干)Supporting Villain (later part of the series) but repentant
Hongzhong's former wife
Yuxiang and Shanguo's former employee
Jinlian's friend
Runs a chain of Penang Laksa stores
Yuxiang's friend
Chen HuihuiQuan Sao (全嫂)Yuxiang and Shanguo's former employee
Quan's ex-wife
Ah Ru, Ah Hui, and Ah Xiang's mother
In a relationship with Sotong Chen
Duan WeimingHongzhong (洪中)Dried Chilli's former husband
Shanguo and Yuxiang's former employee
Jinyin's friend
Tissue paper seller
Foyce LeWei Wei (薇薇)Masseur
Hongzhong's mistress
Asmiyah Bte AsbahWatiShanguo and Yuxiang's former employee
UncreditedParamShanguo and Yuxiang's former employee
Married in India
UncreditedOrbitObiang's sister
Shanguo and Yuxiang's former employee
Dezhu's admirer
UncreditedObiangOrbit's sister
Shanguo and Yuxiang's former employee
Dezhu's admirer
Yun ChanglingUncle Rojak (Rojak叔)Shanguo and Yuxiang's former employee
In a relationship with Qiaomei
UncreditedAuntie Chicken Rice (鸡饭嫂)Shanguo and Yuxiang's former employee, Runs a chicken rice stall in 899.
UncreditedSotong Chen (Sotong陈)Shanguo and Yuxiang's former employee
In a relationship with Quan Sao

Lin family

Pan LinglingDolly Lin (林多利)Hanwen's wife
Yuxiang's friend
Zen's best friend
Minxing's agent
President of the Women's Club
Xiaodong,Xiaoxi and Xiaonan's mother
Dedao's former girlfriend
Huang ShinanLin Hanwen 林汉文Inspector Crybaby (爱哭Baby警官) Duoli's husband
Police officer
Xiaodong,Xiaonan and Xiaoxi's father
Shuixian's former boyfriend
Chen XingyuLin Xiaonan (林小南)Duoli and Hanwen's son
Xiaoxi's brother
Ah Ru's friend
Leron HengLin Xiaoxi (林小西)Duoli and Hanwen's daughter
Xiaonan's sister
In relationship with H2O
UncreditedLin Xiaodong (林小东)Duoli and Hanwen's eldest son
Hit by Han Wen (car accident)

Supporting cast

Joshua AngGao Yongjun (高勇俊) H20
Zen's stepson
Xiaoxi's friend
Shuixian's former student
Vice Chairman of JZ Production Company
Vice Chairman of Zen Production Company
Lynn PohZen Zhou (Zen周)H20s stepmother
Head of JZ Production Company
Head of Zen Production Company
Jason's business partner
Roland's former girlfriend
Duoli's friend
Cassandra SeeHelenYuxiang's best friend
Wallace AngNickLiqin's ex-colleague
Pamelyn CheeAh Bing (阿冰)Superwoman
Auntie OK's daughter
Celest ChongBai Shuixian (白水苋)Water Lily
H20 and Xiaoxi's former form teacher
Shouye's daughter
Youli and Youqing's half-sister
Went to China to teach
Wang YuqingZhao Dezhu (赵得柱)TCM practitioner
Dedao's brother
Qiumei's admirer
Zhao Dedao (赵得道)Gynecologist
Dezhu's brother
Duoli's former boyfriend
Zheng YazhuAuntie Garbage (垃圾婆)Youli's godmother
Rag-and-bone woman (Karung-guni)
Ben's mother
Zhang WeiBai Shouye (白守业)Supporting Villain
Bai Shuixian's father
Xiaoke and Shuiguo's boss
Leader of a

Youqing and Youli's biological father

Minor cast

Kanny ThengMayYue Guang's former employee
Aimei's friend
Christie WongRoseAishan's former office competitor
Vina LimAh Ru (阿如)Quan Sao's daughter
Xiaonan's friend
Damus LimAh Hui (阿辉)Quan Sao's second son
Justin PengAh Xiang (阿祥)Quan Sao's eldest son
Lawrence WongBenYouqing's former pupil
Auntie Garbage's third son
Henry HengPP YeoYouqing's former boss
Ben's boss
Fangs' legal consultant
Le YaoYang Yan (杨艳)Aizhen's rival
Television news reporter
Sun YuhuiAuntie OK (好姨)Ah Bing's mother
Dawn YeohDuoli's foeDeceased
Silver AngDai Minxing (戴敏星)Duoli's protege
Seth AngXiaoke (小柯)Bai Shuixian's admirer
Bai Shouye's right-hand man
Shuiguo's former superior
UncreditedMariaDuoli and Hanwen's former maid
Zhang WenxiangMa Shengli (马胜利)Hong Kong film director
Wang ChangliMr. Han (韩主任)Aizhen's boss
UncreditedLi XiaolongAizhen and Liqin's son
Fang Kai's godson
Zhu XiufengMdm. Gao (高老太太)H20s grandmother
Zen's mother-in-law
MarianaAnnieShanguo and Yuxiang's former maid
UncreditedSoldierXiaoxi's former admirer

Original Sound Track

Song title Performer Type of Song
想握你的手 迷路兵 Milubing Theme Song (Episodes 1–90)
想握你的手 苏智城 Cavin Soh Theme Song (Episodes 91–180)
想握你的手 (a cappella version) 曾咏霖 Teresa Tseng Sub Theme Song
只要你微笑 迷路兵 Milubing Sub Theme Song
逞强 曾咏霖 Teresa Tseng Sub Theme Song
反方向 插班生 Sub Theme Song

Viewership ratings

The drama did not fare very well in ratings. One of the reasons for this is that the Korean Drama Cruel Temptation was running in the same slot time on Channel U which attracted many viewers.

The initial part of the drama attracted an average of 680,000 viewers, the middle part 730,000 and more than 800,000 towards the end. At one time, the ratings plunged to as low as 400,000 viewers, making it the long-running drama produced by Mediacorp with the lowest ratings. Viewers of Your Hand In Mine suggested that Cruel Temptation should be aired on the weekend to fight head-on with Taiwanese drama Love, instead of Glory of Family which was airing during weekends.

Awards & Nominations

Star Awards 2011

Your Hand In Mine is nominated for 3 Awards, Best Actor, Best Actress & Best Director.

Star Awards 2011 Show 1
红星大奖2011 银光闪耀
Best Director
Edmund Tse
Star Awards 2011 Show 2
红星大奖2011 银光闪耀
Best Actor
Shaun Chen
Best Actress
Joanne Peh

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