York Medieval Press

The York Medieval Press is a publishing joint venture between the University of York Centre for Medieval Studies and Boydell & Brewer. The venture specialises in interdisciplinary study that aims to bring a fresh approach to medieval culture.[1] The general editor of the press is professor Peter Biller.[2]

York Medieval Press
Parent companyBoydell & Brewer
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Headquarters locationSuffolk
DistributionPeter Biller
Publication typesBooks
Nonfiction topicsMedieval studies
Official websiteboydellandbrewer.com

Selected titles

  • Abortion in the Early Middle Ages, c.500-900. Zubin Mistry. ISBN 9781903153574
  • The Age of Edward III. Edited by J.S. Bothwell. ISBN 9781903153062
  • The Anglo-Norman Language and its Contexts. Edited by Richard Ingham. ISBN 9781903153307
  • Brothers and Sisters in Medieval European Literature. Carolyne Larrington. ISBN 9781903153628
  • Cistercians, Heresy and Crusade in Occitania, 1145-1229, Preaching in the Lord's Vineyard. Beverly Mayne Kienzle. ISBN 9781903153000
  • Creating the Monastic Past in Medieval Flanders. Karine UgĂ©. ISBN 9781903153161


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