Yet Another Perl Conference

Yet Another Perl Conference, usually given as the abbreviation YAPC, is a series of conferences discussing the Perl programming language, usually organized under the auspices of The Perl Foundation and Yet Another Society, a "non-profit corporation for the advancement of collaborative efforts in computer and information sciences". The name is an homage to yacc, "Yet Another Compiler Compiler".

The first YAPC was held at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA on June 24 and June 25, 1999. Organizer Kevin Lenzo assembled 31 different speakers into the schedule on various Perl-related topics. The idea of a low-cost Perl conference quickly spread with a European version of YAPC established in 2000, Israel in 2003, Australia in 2004, Asia and Brazil in 2005, and Russia in 2008. The only continents never to have hosted a YAPC are Africa and Antarctica.

As of 2016, YAPC is being promoted as The Perl Conference, which is the former name of OSCON.


North America



Russia & Ukraine


  • The first YAPC::Australia was held as part of the 2004 OSDC in Melbourne from December 1-December 5, 2004, and has been held jointly thereafter.

South America

These events are held in conjunction with CONISLI.



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