Yateley School

Yateley School is the largest secondary school in North East Hampshire. The school teaches over 1500 students aged 11 – 16, and the attached sixth form college caters for ages 16–18. The school had its latest Ofsted Report in 2018, where the school achieved a good rating, and the Sixth Form College achieved an outstanding rating.[1]

Yateley School
School Lane

, ,
GU46 6NW

TypeCommunity school
MottoNihil Nisi Verum (Nothing but The truth)
Local authorityHampshire
Department for Education URN116433 Tables
HeadteacherMr. P. German
Staffapproximately 90
Age11 to 18
HousesDarwin, Pankhurst, Nightingale and Wilberforce
Colour(s)Green (Darwin),Yellow (Pankhurst),Red (Nightingale) and Blue (Wilberforce)

Yateley School consists of four houses named after significant British people: (Charles) Darwin, (Emmeline) Pankhurst, (Florence) Nightingale and (William) Wilberforce. This is after the controversial school hierarchal decision to introduce four houses to the system in 2015 as opposed to the original 3: (Matthew) Arnold, (Joseph) Lister and (Sir Isaac) Newton in order to benefit the school and its students. On Wednesday, January 7, 2009, headteacher William Sarrell announced that he would leave Yateley School in July, and in September, Mark Jackman took over the post. Jackman has made a few new rules which attempts to improve the quality of work from pupils, and has confirmed that he will not be changing the pupils' uniforms.[2]

In the 2008 Ofsted report, it is noted that the Sixth Form made significant improvements after a new Director of Sixth Form was appointed (shortly before the 2008 Ofsted inspection).[3]

In 2016, Year 11 had achieved the school's highest GCSE results in the past four years.

External Achievements

Yateley School's Dance Team won the UK Global Rock Challenge in 2015 after winning the national finals in Milton Keynes.

School Campus

Yateley School has a range of facilities including a swimming pool, drama studios, a library, a sports hall, a gymnastics hall, dance and music studios, tennis courts and three large playing fields. In April 2015 a new £1 million project was launched to improve the school's 'A Block' which consists of Science facilities and Humanities. The students were moved into temporary buildings placed along the A Block Playground until the refurbishment was complete. It was completed in April 2016. The school's main hall has also been renovated recently.


Notable former pupils


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