The Yangman were an indigenous Australian people of the Northern Territory.


The Yangman language was closely related to Wardaman and Dalabon, and survives fragmentarily as passive knowledge among a few Mangarrayi people, descendants through intermarriage of Yangman who once worked at Elsey Station and around Mataranka.[1] Jimmy Daniels (d.1986) was the last known fluent native speaker, though rather reluctant to think back in his mother-tongue, and left a record of some 500 words in interviews with the linguist Francesca Merlan.[1]


In Tindale's estimation the Yangman's territory extended over some 5,600 square miles (15,000 km2) covering basically the plateau terrain lying between the Roper and Victoria river systems. Its southern reaches extended to Elsey Creek, south of Mataranka, especially around Warlock Ponds,[2] as far as Daly Waters.[3] The Wardaman people lay to their west.[2]



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