YK Pao School

YK Pao School (Chinese: 上海民办包玉刚实验学校) is a bilingual (Chinese/English) school located in Shanghai, China. The school was founded in memory of Sir Yue-Kong Pao.

YK Pao School
Primary Division: 20, Lane 1251 West Wuding Road, Changning District, Shanghai, China 200042
Secondary Division: 1800, Lane 900 North Sanxin Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China 201620


FoundersAnna Sohmen Pao, Tan Fuyun and Philip Sohmen
HeadmasterWu Zijian
Age5 to 18
YK Pao School
Traditional Chinese上海民辦包玉剛實驗學校
Simplified Chinese上海民办包玉刚实验学校


Pao School is an international Chinese school that enrolls both local and international students. Pao School uses an enhanced version of the Shanghai Curriculum integrated with international curricula, while its Secondary Division offers boarding education modeled on leading British and American schools.


YK Pao School was founded in 2007, officially establishing itself within the campus of Shanghai No. 3 Girl's High School, and eventually opening its own Primary Division campus on West Wuding Road. The Secondary Division campus in Songjiang was opened in 2011, marking the beginning of boarding education at YK Pao School. The school currently has over 1000 Chinese and overseas students, as well as a team of international and Chinese faculty and staff.


YK Pao School was founded by Professor Anna Sohmen Pao,[1] who is the eldest daughter of Sir YK Pao, along with Madam Tan Fuyun and Mr. Philip Sohmen.


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