Xiantao West railway station

Xiantao West railway station is a railway station located in Xiantao City, Hubei Province, People's Republic of China, on the Hanyi Railway which operated by Wuhan Railway Bureau, China Railway Corporation.



LocationXiantao, Hubei
Operated byWuhan Railway Bureau,
China Railway Corporation
Line(s)Hanyi Railway

The stations is located near Leichang Village (雷场村) of Sanfutan Town (三伏潭镇), at a fairly large distance from Xiantao's city center: around 30 km straight-line distance, or some 40 km by highway.[1]

During the construction it was expected that, once railway service starts, the station would serve some 1500 passengers daily.[1]


The station was opened on July 1, 2012, along with the new Wuhan–Yichang Railway.

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