Xenia Valderi

Xenia Valderi (born January 21, 1926) is a Croatian-born Italian actress.

Early life

Xenia Valdameri was born at Split in Croatia. She moved to Rome as a young woman after World War II, for a career in acting.


Xenia Valderi (she used a shorter version of her original surname) appeared regularly in Italian films of the 1950s and 1960s, including Gianni Puccini's The Captain of Venice (1951), Mario Amendola and Ruggero Maccari's Il tallone di Achille (1952), Carlo Borghesio's The Steel Rope (1953), Luigi Comencini's La valigia dei sogni (1953), Luigi Zampa's Woman of Rome (1954) with Gina Lollabrigida,[1] Lionello De Felice's Too Young for Love (1955),[2] De Felice's Desperate Farewell (1955), De Felice's 100 Years of Love (1954), Mario Mattoli's Move and I'll Shoot (1958), Mattoli's Non perdiamo la testa (1959), Lucio Fulci's The Swindlers (1963), Michelangelo Antonioni's Red Desert (1964), with Monica Vitti and Richard Harris,[3] and Ettore Maria Fizzarotti Mi vedrai tornare (1966). She was also featured in some Italian television programs and on the musical comedy stage.[4]

Personal life

Xenia Valderi was said to be romantically involved with fellow actor Jacques Sernas in 1954.[5]


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