Xanalys Limited is an independent software company founded in January 2009 when the Analytics and Investigative Management division of Tiburon Inc. was acquired by a group of former Xanalys management and engineering staff based in the UK.[1] Various intellectual property and contracts relating to investigation and analysis software tools were acquired. Xanalys now markets, develops and supports a range of software tools including PowerCase,[2] Link Explorer[3] and PowerIndexer.[4]

Xanalys Limited
FoundedManchester (2009)


The original versions of the software tools were developed by the UK software company Harlequin, although at that time Link Explorer was known as Watson,[5] whilst Indexer has been known as PowerIndexer, Quenza and Hievat. In 1999 Harlequin was acquired by Global Graphics primarily for its PostScript technologies.[6] Global Graphics then spun off the LispWorks and HIntS (Harlequin Intelligence Systems) aspects of the business into the first Xanalys Limited.[7] Xanalys was then acquired by Compudyne Corporation[8] and operated as part of Tiburon Inc. until January 2009.


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