Wyoming State Auditor

The Wyoming State Auditor is a statewide elected office in Wyoming and serves as the chief comptroller and payroll officer. The Auditor protects public money by ensuring that it is properly accounted for in the most efficient and cost effective means at all times. Promoting transparency and financial accountability are the top priorities. Its predecessor was the Wyoming Territory Auditor. Wyoming has had a state auditor since achieving statehood in 1890. The auditor is Kristi Racines.

State Auditor of the State of Wyoming
Kristi Racines
since 2019
StyleHer Honor
Term lengthFour years

List of state auditors of Wyoming

1 C.W. Burdick 1890–1895 Republican
2 William O. Owen 1895–1899 Republican
3 Leroy Grant 1899–1911 Republican
4 Robert B. Forsyth 1911–1919 Republican
5 Ishmael C. Jefferis 1919–1923 Republican
6 Vincent Carter 1923–1929 Republican
7 Roscoe Alcorn 1929–1935 Republican
8 William "Scotty" Jack 1935–1944 Democratic
9 Carl Robinson 1944 Democratic
10 John J. McIntyre 1947-1955 Democratic
11 Everett T. Copenhaver 1929–1935 Republican
12 Minnie A. Mitchell 1955–1967 Republican
13 Everett T. Copenhaver 1967 – 1973 Republican
14 Edwin J. Witzenburger 1973 – 1975 Republican
15 James B. Griffith 1975–1987 Republican
16 Jack Sidi 1987–1991 Republican
17 Dave Ferrari 1991–1999 Republican
18 Max Maxfield 1999–2007 Republican
19 Rita Meyer 2007–2010 Republican
20 Cynthia Cloud 2011–2019 Republican
21 Kristi Racines 2019–present Republican
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