wxSQLite3 is a C++ wrapper around the public domain SQLite 3.x database and is specifically designed for use in programs based on the wxWidgets library.

Developer(s)Ulrich Telle
Stable release
4.4.5 / August 8, 2019 (2019-08-08)[1]
Written inC++
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeDevelopment Library
LicensewxWindows Library Licence

wxSQLite3 does not try to hide the underlying database, in contrary almost all special features of the current SQLite version 3.18.0 are supported, like for example the creation of user defined scalar or aggregate functions. Since SQLite stores strings in UTF-8 encoding, the wxSQLite3 methods provide automatic conversion between wxStrings and UTF-8 strings. This works best for the Unicode builds of wxWidgets. In ANSI builds the current locale conversion object (wxConvCurrent) is used for conversion to/from UTF-8. Special care has to be taken if external administration tools are used to modify the database contents, since not all of these tools operate in Unicode resp. UTF-8 mode.

Since version 1.7.0 optional support for key based database encryption (128 bit AES) is also included. Starting with version 1.9.6 of wxSQLite3 the encryption extension is compatible with the SQLite amalgamation source and includes the extension functions module. Support for 256 bit AES encryption has been added in version 1.9.8.

Since version 3.5.0 the SQLite library is an integrated part of wxSQLite3.

Since version 4.0.0 wxSQLite3 supports to select the encryption scheme at runtime. In addition to the wxSQLite3 legacy schemes, AES 128 Bit and AES 256 Bit, two other encryption schemes, namely sqleet (aka ChaCha20 - Poly1305) and SQLCipher (aka AES 256 Bit - SHA1/SHA256/SHA512 - all SQLCipher variants from version 1 up to version 4 supported), can be selected.

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