Wrestling at the Asian Games

Wrestling has been an event at the Asian Games since 1954 in Manila, Philippines.


Games Year Host city Best nation
II1954Manila, Philippines Japan
III1958Tokyo, Japan Japan
IV1962Jakarta, Indonesia Japan
V1966Bangkok, Thailand Japan
VI1970Bangkok, Thailand Iran
VII1974Tehran, Iran Iran
VIII1978Bangkok, Thailand Japan
IX1982New Delhi, India Japan
X1986Seoul, South Korea South Korea
XI1990Beijing, China South Korea
XII1994Hiroshima, Japan South Korea
XIII1998Bangkok, Thailand South Korea
XIV2002Busan, South Korea South Korea
XV2006Doha, Qatar South Korea
XVI2010Guangzhou, China Iran
XVII2014Incheon, South Korea Iran
XVIII2018JakartaPalembang, Indonesia Iran


Men's events

Women's events

  • 48 kg
  • 55 kg
  • 63 kg
  • 72 kg

Medal table

1 Iran (IRI)694036145
2 Japan (JPN)675146164
3 South Korea (KOR)542858140
4 Uzbekistan (UZB)12141541
5 Kazakhstan (KAZ)11192555
6 Mongolia (MGL)11182958
7 India (IND)11143459
8 China (CHN)9232254
9 North Korea (PRK)7101330
10 Pakistan (PAK)6141434
11 Kyrgyzstan (KGZ)2101931
12 Syria (SYR)0347
13 Tajikistan (TJK)0325
14 Afghanistan (AFG)0224
 Iraq (IRQ)0224
 Philippines (PHI)0224
17 Vietnam (VIE)0112
18 Jordan (JOR)0101
 Lebanon (LBN)0101
20 Indonesia (INA)0022
 Turkmenistan (TKM)0022
22 Qatar (QAT)0011
Totals (22 nations)259256329844

List of medalists


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