Worship Leader (magazine)

Worship Leader is an American bimonthly, print and digital publication focusing on both Christianity and Contemporary worship music. Articles include news, reviews, worship conference information, devotionals and interviews.

Worship Leader
EditorJeremy Armstrong
CategoriesContemporary worship music
FounderChuck Fromm
John Styll
Year founded1986
First issue1992
CompanyWorship Leader Media
CountryUnited States
Based inSan Juan Capistrano, California
LanguageAmerican English


In 1986, Chuck Fromm started Worship Times Journal with Robert Webber, Jack Hayford, Chuck Swindoll and Robert B. Allen.[1] However, the magazine that it is now in the current form did not start until 1992, when Dr. Fromm and John Styll formed the magazine to expand the reach of the former publication.[1] In 2001, Dr. Fromm became responsible for all editorial decisions at the magazine, and in 2007, he presented the first National Worship Leader Conference.[1] They started a new branch of the magazine called Song DiSCovery in 2010, and had the first Song DiSCovery Conference.[1]


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