World Trophy for Australasia

The World Trophy, originally known as the Helms Award, was an annual sporting award established by the Helms Athletic Foundation in 1939 to honour the foremost amateur athlete of each continent of the world, including Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America, and South America.[1] Even though the Foundation was established in 1936, the awards date back to the 1896, the year of the first Summer Olympics. Australasian awards for 1896 to 1949 were decided by a Committee in Australasia established by the Foundation. Members of the Committee were Sir Frank Beaurepaire (Chairman), and Messrs. Harold G. Alderson, Hugh R. Weir, Jack Metcalfe, Frank H. Pizzey, Hector de Lacy, Ern Cowley and R.J. McPherson (Secretary). [2][3] After the initial Committee selection, amateur athletes were nominated by their own countries for consideration by the Foundation. Winners were presented with a silver plaque and had their names added to the World Trophy that was located at the Helms Foundation and subsequently the Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles (now known as the LA84 Foundation).[4] Winners can only win the award once.[4]


1896Edwin FlackAthleticsAustralia
1897A.B. SloanRowingAustralia
1898Victor TrumperCricketAustralia
1899Stan RowleyAthleticsAustralia
1900Frederick LaneSwimmingAustralia
1901George A. MoirAthleticsAustralia
1902James DonaldRowingAustralia
1903Richmond 'Dick' CavillSwimmingAustralia
1904Herbert HunterAthleticsAustralia
1905Benard KieranSwimmingAustralia
1906Nigel BarkerAthleticsAustralia
1907Norman BrookesTennisAustralia
1908Snowy BakerMultiple sportsAustralia
1909Tony WildingTennisNew Zealand
1910Frank BeaurepaireSwimmingAustralia
1911Harold HardwickSwimmingAustralia
1912Cecil HealySwimmingAustralia
1913Cecil McVillyRowingAustralia
1914Bill LongworthSwimmingAustralia
1915Fanny DurackSwimmingAustralia
1916–18No awards
1919Clive DisherRowingAustralia
1920Ivo Whitton[5]GolfAustralia
1921Edwin 'Slip' CarrAthleticsAustralia
1922Gerald PattersonTennisAustralia
1923Nick WinterAthleticsAustralia
1924Andrew CharltonSwimmingAustralia
1925Victor RichardsonMultiple sportsAustralia
1926Randolph RoseAthleticsNew Zealand
1927Stanley LayAthleticsNew Zealand
1928Bobby PearceRowingAustralia
1929Jim CarltonAthleticsAustralia
1930Don BradmanCricketAustralia
1931Noel RyanSwimmingAustralia
1932Edgar 'Dunc' GrayCyclingAustralia
1933Jack CrawfordTennisAustralia
1934Jack MetcalfeAthleticsAustralia
1935Cecil MatthewsAthleticsNew Zealand
1936Jack LovelockAthleticsNew Zealand
1937Robin BiddulphSwimmingAustralia
1938Jim FerrierGolfAustralia
1939Dr David 'Brian' DunnAthleticsAustralia
1940–44No awards
1945Doug HarrisAthleticsNew Zealand
1946John TreloarAthleticsAustralia
1947John WinterAthleticsAustralia
1948Merv WoodRowingAustralia
1949Sid Patterson[6]CyclingAustralia
1950John MarshallSwimmingAustralia
1951Frank SedgmanTennisAustralia
1952Marjorie JacksonAthleticsAustralia
1953John LandyAthleticsAustralia
1954Jon HenricksSwimmingAustralia
1955Shirley Strickland[7]AthleticsAustralia
1956Lorraine CrappSwimmingAustralia
1957Stuart MacKenzieRowingAustralia
1958Herb Elliott[7]AthleticsAustralia
1959John KonradsSwimmingAustralia
1960Peter SnellAthleticsNew Zealand
1961Dawn Fraser[8]SwimmingAustralia
1962Murray RoseSwimmingAustralia
1963Tony SneazwellAthleticsAustralia
1964Betty Cuthbert[9]AthleticsAustralia
1965Ron ClarkeAthleticsAustralia
1966Fred StolleTennisAustralia
1967Judy PollockAthleticsAustralia
1968Michael WendenSwimmingAustralia
1969Pam KilbornAthleticsAustralia
1970Kerry O'BrienAthleticsAustralia
1971Shane Gould[10]SwimmingAustralia
1972Gail NeallSwimmingAustralia
1973Stephen HollandSwimmingAustralia
1974Jenny TurrallSwimmingAustralia
1975John WalkerAthleticsNew Zealand
1976Dick QuaxAthleticsNew Zealand
1977Eddie PalubinskasBasketballAustralia
1978Tracey WickhamSwimmingAustralia
1979Rod DixonAthleticsNew Zealand
1980Michelle FordSwimmingAustralia
1981Allison RoeAthleticsNew Zealand
1982Anne AudainAthleticsNew Zealand
1983Robert de CastellaAthleticsAustralia
1984Jon SiebenSwimmingAustralia
1985Glynis NunnAthleticsAustralia
1986Suzanne LandellsSwimmingAustralia
1987Debbie Flintoff-KingAthleticsAustralia
1988Duncan ArmstrongSwimmingAustralia
1989Kerry SaxbyAthleticsAustralia
1990Hayley LewisSwimmingAustralia
1991Kieren PerkinsSwimmingAustralia
1992James TomkinsRowingAustralia
1993Danyon LoaderSwimmingNew Zealand
1994Samantha RileySwimmingAustralia
1995Russell CouttsYachtingNew Zealand
1996Susan O'NeillSwimmingAustralia
1997Beatrice FaumuinaAthleticsNew Zealand
1998Michael KlimSwimmingAustralia
1999Ian ThorpeSwimmingAustralia
2000Cathy FreemanAthleticsAustralia


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