World Scout Moot

The World Scout Moot is an event for senior branches (traditionally called Rovers) and other young adult members, gathering up to 5,000 people. Moots provide an opportunity for young adults in Scouting to meet together with the objective of improving their international understanding as citizens of the world. Moots are held every four years and are organized by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).[1]

World Scout Moot
Countryvarious (list below)
Date1931 onwards

Participants must be 18–25 years old at the time of the event. If you are 26 or older you can take part as International Service Team (IST, volunteer staff).


The first World Scout Moot was in 1931 and following ones were held almost every four years until 1961. Originally entitled the "World Rover Moot", the Moot was replaced by World Moot Years between 1965 and 1982. This was done with the aim of increasing the number of events and accessibility to Rovers. In 1985, the World Scout Conference decided to reinstate the World Scout Moot and, in 1993 decided to hold the Moot every four years. The 13th World Scout Moot was held in Kenya in 2010 - the first ever such event to take place in Africa.

The 15th World Scout Moot was in Iceland in the summer of 2017; the next 16th World Scout Moot will be in Ireland in 2021.[2][3]

List of moots

YearNumber CountryLocationParticipantsCountries Host Candidate Countries
19311st World Rover Moot   SwitzerlandKandersteg3,00020
19352nd World Rover Moot  Sweden Ingarö3,00026 [4]
19393rd World Rover Moot  Scotland Monzie3,50042
19494th World Rover Moot  Norway[5] Skjåk2,50040
19535th World Rover Moot[6]   SwitzerlandKandersteg4,16841
19576th World Rover Moot[5]  United KingdomSutton Coldfield3,50061
19617th World Rover Moot[7][5]  AustraliaMelbourne96915
1965-66Moot Year 10 Events3,599
1969-70Moot Year 26 Events7,250
1973-74Moot Year 22 Events11,000
1977-78Moot Year[8] 23 Events14,560
1981-82Moot Year 31 Events22,380
1990-918th World Moot  AustraliaMelbourne1,00036
19929th World Moot   SwitzerlandKandersteg1,40052
199610th World Moot  SwedenRansberg2,60878
200011th World Scout Moot  Mexico5,00071
200412th World Scout Moot  TaiwanHualien2,50085 Austria [9]
2008 13th World Scout Moot (cancelled) [10]  Mozambique --- --- --- Iceland, Portugal [11]
201013th World Scout Moot [12]  KenyaNairobi1,92466 ---
201314th World Scout Moot [13]  CanadaLow, Quebec2,000 83 ---
201715th World Scout Moot  IcelandUlfljotsvatn5,000 106 ---
202116th World Scout Moot [14]  IrelandMalahide Castle[15]up to 5,000[15] Hungary
2025 17th World Scout Moot TBC Azerbaijan, Portugal

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