World Organization of Independent Scouts

The World Organization of Independent Scouts is an international Scouting organization for traditional Scouting.

World Organization of Independent Scouts
Membership15,000 (est.)[1]
PresidentHugo Paniagua


African Region [2]
Asia Pacific Region [3]
  • Nepal: Nepal Peace Scouts (Nepal Shanti Scouts)
  • India: Peace Scouts and Guides India
  • India: Venture Youth Movement of Scouts
European Region [4]
Interamerican Region [6]
  • Argentina: Asociación Nacional Civil de Scouts Independientes Argentina- ANCASI
  • Brazil: Federação dos Escoteiros tradicionais [7]
  • Chile: Scouts Tradicionales Chillán - Ñuble
  • Chile: Federación Nacional de Boy Scouts y Girl Guides de Chile
  • Colombia: Organización Scouts Independientes de Colombia
  • Colombia: Corporación de Scouts Tradicionales Colombia
  • Ecuador: Asociación Ecuatoriana de Scouts
  • Mexico: Asociación de Grupos Scouts de México
  • Paraguay: Baden Powell Scouts Paraguay
  • Peru: Asociación Nacional Scouts Independientes de Peru
  • Peru: Scouts Tradicionales Peru
  • Uruguay: Scouts del Uruguay[8]
  • Venezuela: Associación Civil Scouts Independientes de Venezuela

Former members


  • Argentina: Asociación Scouts y Guías de la República Argentina
  • Argentina: Unión Argentina de Scouts Independientes
  • Argentina: Institucion Argentina de Scoutismo Adulto
  • Argentina: Scouts Navales de Argentina [10]
  • Brazil: Associação de Escoteiros do Mar do Distrito Federal
  • Chile: Agrupación de Guías y Scouts Cristianos de Chile
  • Colombia: Asociación Colombiana de Scout Independientes
  • Guinea-Bissau: Federacao Dos Escoteiros Tradicionais - FET
  • Italy: Associazione Scautistica Cattolica Italiana
  • Mexico: Asociacion Nacional Escultista Caballeros Y Guias Aztecas A.C.
  • Paraguay: Asociación Scout Baden Powell del Paraguay
  • Paraguay: Unión de Scouts Navales y Aeronavales del Paraguay


The membership badge for youth is a white Fleur-de-lis with two azure five-point stars on an azure background. The membership badge for adults is an azure Fleur-de-lis on a white background.


The World Organization of Independent Scouts was founded in 2010 by former members of the World Federation of Independent Scouts.

World Jamboree

The WOIS held their first World Jamboree 20 to 26 July 2014 in Ambato, Ecuador.[11]


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