World Indoor Soccer League

The World Indoor Soccer League (WISL) was a United States-based indoor soccer league that existed from 1998 to 2001 and consisted of nine teams.

World Indoor Soccer League
Country United States
Number of teams7
Last championsDallas Sidekicks


After the demise of the Continental Indoor Soccer League, four of its teams decided to create a new indoor league to be called the Premier Soccer Alliance. The teams complemented their schedules with games against international teams. In 1999, two more former CISL teams (the Houston Hotshots and Monterrey La Raza) joined the league, which then changed its name to World Indoor Soccer League.

The name change came about as a result of the "merger" of the US-based Premier Soccer Alliance and an 'English Indoor Football League'. Originally, there was to be a European Division and a North American Division, with 'London United', 'Manchester Magic', 'Newcastle Geordies' and 'Sheffield Strikers' playing in a European division, but that idea was dropped due to rules conflicts between the existing leagues and lack of permission from The Football Association.

At one point in 2000, the World Indoor Soccer League attempted to be the first U.S. pro sports league to sell the sell naming rights of the league. It was looking to be something like "The Pepsi World Indoor Soccer League." Ultimately, this did not happen.[1]

The WISL folded in December 2001 when Dallas, St. Louis, and San Diego agreed to join the MISL while the remaining teams, the Utah Freezz, the Sacramento Knights and the Houston Hotshots folded.


Season by Season

Season Champion Score / series Runner-Up
1998Dallas Sidekicks6 to 2Sacramento Knights
1999Sacramento Knights7 to 6Dallas Sidekicks
2000Monterrey La Raza6 to 5 (SO 3-1)Dallas Sidekicks
2001Dallas Sidekicks2-1San Diego Sockers

By Team

TeamChampionshipsRunner UpChampionsRunner Up
Dallas Sidekicks221998, 20011999, 2000
Sacramento Knights1119991998
Monterrey La Raza102000
San Diego Sockers012001

Annual awards

Most Valuable Player

  • 1998 – Tatu, Dallas
  • 1999 – David Doyle, Dallas
  • 2000 – Mariano Bollella, Monterrey
  • 2001 – Ato Leone, Sacramento

Goalkeeper of the Year

  • 1998 – Dan Madsen, Sacramento
  • 1999 – Brett Phillips, Portland
  • 2000 – Sagu (Edilson Xavier), Dallas
  • 2001 – Sagu (Edilson Xavier), Dallas

Coach of the Year

Rookie of the Year

  • 1998 – Jorge Fernandez, Sacramento
  • 1999 – Justin Labrum, Utah
  • 2000 – Clint Regier, Houston
  • 2001 – David Beltran, San Diego

Defender of the Year


Gordon Jago 1998–2001


Team City/Area Arena
Arizona Thunder Phoenix, Arizona Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Dallas Sidekicks Dallas, Texas Reunion Arena
American Airlines Center (One Game)
Houston Hotshots Houston, Texas The Summit
Reliant Arena
Monterrey La Raza Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico Gimnasio Nuevo León
Portland Pythons Portland, Oregon Rose Garden
Sacramento Knights Sacramento, California ARCO Arena
San Diego Sockers San Diego, California San Diego Sports Arena
St. Louis Steamers St. Charles, Missouri Family Arena
Utah Freezz West Valley City, Utah E-Center


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