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World Fit is a program of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), and the United States Olympians and Paralympians Association (USOP)[1] to promote physical fitness and the Olympic Games ideals to school children through kids fitness programs, school fitness programs, and childhood obesity programs. World Fit is part of the world's largest obesity-prevention network, EPODE International Network[2]

World Fit Foundation
Nonprofit organization
151 Kahiki Drive Tavernier, Florida
USA 33070
Key people
Gary Hall, Sr., (Founder)


World Fit was founded by three Olympians:

  • Gary Hall Sr., M.D., World Fit Executive Director,[3] an Olympic swimmer, silver medals, 1968 and 1972 games; bronze medal, 1976 games, founder of The Race Club, a renowned swimming club known for specific swimming techniques training for Olympic games swimmers with its swimming training program.[4]
  • Anne Cribbs, an Olympic swimmer. Gold medal, 1960 Olympic games.
  • Dick Fosbury, an Olympic track and field athlete won a gold medal, 1968 games. His signature high jump move would become known as the “Fosbury Flop.”

World Fit[5] promotes youth fitness programs and Olympic ideals under the Olympic Charter to middle school fitness programs for children by having Olympic Games athletes and Paralympic athletes act as Role models for fitness and encouraging children to embrace a lifetime of fitness.

United States Olympic athletes and Paralympic athletes adopt schools for life, promote a culture of health and fitness for children, inspire students about the importance of health & fitness, and promote the Olympic values of perseverance, respect and fair play.

Approximately 7,000 USA Olympians and Paralympians are recruited by the USOP to adopt at least one school, and speak annually to its students about the importance of physical fitness activities & a healthier lifestyle, and promote school Walking programs.

The Olympic athletes and Paralympic athletes encourage the students to participate in the World Fit Walk, which is held each spring on the school’s campus, where the students, teachers and family walk daily for 6 weeks.

World Fit Kids School Fitness Programs

The World Fit Program includes the following components for Kids School Fitness Programs:[6]

World Fit School Adoption

Each Olympic athlete or Paralympic athlete adopts up to three schools in the region where he or she lives, and adopts the schools for life, for kids school fitness programs.

The World Fit Walk

A daily school fitwalking program, where the numbers of miles walked, jogged, or run are logged each day and totaled for the kids fitness programs.[7]

The World Fit Curriculum

Prepared lessons are offered by the World Fit organization to school teachers on the topics of:

  • Olympic values of perseverance, hard work, fair play, and respect.
  • Geography and history lessons about the Olympic cities
  • Information about each of the Olympic sports.

Online Community

An on-line social media community that facilitates the involvement of USA Olympians, families and students in a project of physical education.

World Fit Awards

Students who reach a minimum of 10 miles per week receive a certificate for their achievement signed by the Olympic athlete or Paralympic athlete, the Athletic Director, and the Principal of the school. Twenty five Olympic style medals are given to each participating school to award to their top students in kids fitness programs education.

Evidence Based Research for Childhood Obesity Programs

The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine department of Pediatric Research provides studies and outcome analysis of the World Fit program.[8]


World Fit is supported by the following USA Olympic athletes and Paralympic athletes[9]

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