Women's football in Wales

Women's football is still a minority sport in Wales but the sport has grown due to the hosting of football games at the 2012 Olympic games.[1][2][3]

Women's football in Wales
Governing bodyFootball Association of Wales
National team(s)Women's national team
National competitions
Club competitions
International competitions

Domestic League

The top level of domestic football is the Welsh Premier Women's Football League, below which are several regional leagues. Founded in 2009, the winner of the league each season qualifies for the UEFA Women's Champions League. The FAW Women's Cup is the premier national cup competition which was founded in 1992 and a Premier League Cup was started in 2014.

National team

The national team are affiliated with both UEFA and FIFA. Founded in 1973 they have yet to qualify for the finals of either the FIFA Women's World Cup or the UEFA Women's Championship. There are also national teams for women and girls at age restricted levels (under 19, under 17 etc.).

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