Women's League Soccer

The Women's League Soccer (WLS) was a regional women's football (soccer) league in the United States that was created in 2010 and will kick off its first season 2011. The league is in the process of being sanctioned by the United States Soccer Federation.

Women's League Soccer
Country United States
Number of teams6
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toWLS Division 2
2013 Women's League Soccer season

Contrasting significantly from other soccer leagues in the U.S., WLS intends to be an open entry, promotion and relegation competition. The league observes all FIFA standards, rules, player transfer windows and international calendar. The league currently consists of six teams and the season lasts from May to the end of July. The league is largely the idea of Shek Borkowski.


WLS Elite Division consists of six teams. It is intended that future entrants will join the league's Division 2 and require promotion to the top level, while the club finishing last is replaced with the winner of Division 2. An Elite Division season will consist of 10 games combined. Each club will play a home-and-home set against each other. The season started in May and ended in June.

WLS Division 2 currently consists of five teams and plays six games per season.

The team in first place after the last day of play is the champion, gaining the title of WLS Champion. Standings are determined by points a club has gained during a season. A win is worth 3 points, a draw 1, and a loss 0. The tiebreakers are in descending order goal difference, goals for, and head-to-head results. If the tie cannot be broken a tiebreaking game is held.

Current clubs

*To switch leagues for 2012 season


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