Wolf Frees

Wolf Frees, also credited as Wolfgang Müller-Frees, (8 October 1909 1974)[1] was a German actor from Potsdam. In films he usually played German military men. He has had roles in The Guns of Navarone (1961), Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1962), Dr. Zhivago (1965) and The Saint TV series in the 1960s. His last acting credit dates to 1971.[2][3]


Year Title Role Notes
1952So Little TimeGerman Doctor
1953Appointment in LondonGerman Luftwaffe OfficerUncredited
1954BetrayedMotorcycle RiderUncredited
1954The Green CarnationTony Scott
1956The Man Who Never WasAdmiral CanarisUncredited
1956The Man Who Knew Too MuchAide to Prime MinisterUncredited
1956Zarak1st LoungerUncredited
1957The Steel BayonetGerman Divisional Commander
1957Count Five and DieBrauner, shot spy
1958The SafecrackerGerman Commandant
1958Sea of SandGerman Sergeant
1960The Day They Robbed the Bank of EnglandDr. Hagen
1961The Guns of NavaroneRadio OperatorUncredited
1962Four Horseman of the ApocalypseSecurity OfficerUncredited
1965Operation CrossbowGerman Police Inspector
1965The Heroes of TelemarkSturmbannführer Knippelberg
1965Dr. ZhivagoDelegate
1967The Night of the GeneralsGerman Officer at Raymounde's ApartmentUncredited
1971ZeppelinGerman Naval OfficerUncredited


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