Woldemar Nelsson

Woldemar Nelsson (4 April 1938 in Klintsy[1] – 7 November 2006 in München) was a Russian conductor who was active in West Germany and numerous other countries from 1976 onwards.


I remember Woldemar not only as a genuine and wonderful musician. To me he always was a real and warmhearted friend whose advice (in music and in life) often helped us to find the right solution. Woldemar and Music – as well as Woldemar and Gala – remain partnerships we still can hold onto searching for love and ideals.

Gidon Kremer


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  1. The usual indication of the place of birth Kiev is historically and administratively incorrect. According to his widow Galina Nelsson (24 November 2012), Klinzy is listed in the passport because he was born there on a tour, but grew up in Kiev and later Orjol.
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