With Stanley in Africa

With Stanley in Africa is a 1922 American adventure film serial directed by William James Craft and Edward A. Kull and released by Universal Film Manufacturing Co. This serial is considered to be a lost film.[1]

With Stanley in Africa
Film poster for episode 5
Directed byWilliam James Craft
Edward A. Kull
Written byGeorge H. Plympton
StarringGeorge Walsh
Louise Lorraine
Distributed byUniversal Film Manufacturing Co.
Release date
  • January 23, 1922 (1922-01-23)
Running time
18 episodes
CountryUnited States
LanguageSilent (English intertitles)


Chapter titles

  1. Jaws of the Jungle
  2. The Grip of the Slavers
  3. Paths of Peril
  4. Find Livingston
  5. The Flaming Spear
  6. Lost in the Jungle
  7. Trail of the Serpent
  8. Pool of Death
  9. Menace of the Jungle
  10. The Ordeal
  11. The Lion's Prey
  12. The Forest of Flame
  13. Buried Alive
  14. The Lair of Death
  15. The Good Samaritan
  16. The Slave's Secret
  17. The White Tribe
  18. Out of the Dark

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