Wisconsin United Roller Derby

Wisconsin United Roller Derby (WURD) is an all-gender flat-track roller derby league based in Madison, Wisconsin. The league was originally formed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2009 as the first all-men's league in Wisconsin and previously used the names Milwaukee Schlitzkrieg, Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg, and Wisconsin Men's Roller Derby before rebranding as Wisconsin United Roller Derby in August 2019.

Wisconsin United Roller Derby
Metro areaMadison, Wisconsin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
CountryUnited States
TeamsTravel Team
Wisconsin United Roller Derby
Wisconsin Men's Roller Derby (retired)
Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg (retired)
Home Teams
Great Lakes Pirates (retired)
Half Barrel Heroes (retired)
Mad Men (retired)
Track type(s)Flat
VenueRollaero Skate Center
Fast Forward Skate Center
Org. type501(c)(3) NPO


In May 2009, a few Milwaukee skaters, the core of what would become the Milwaukee Schlitzkrieg, the first men’s roller derby team in Wisconsin, traveled to Duluth, near the Minnesota border, for a mixer event with the Twin Cities Terrors.

Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg

In June 2010, copyright issues necessitated a name change, and the Blitzdkrieg was born. Thanks to the Paper Valley Roller Girls hosting a double-header event, the team was able to play its first full game, having performed only in expo games until that point. The Terrors once again travelled to play, taking another victory over the Blitzdkrieg in Appleton, Wisconsin.

The next two years were a long, slow, uphill battle. The team faced challenges in finding practice space, recruiting new members, training, and gaining exposure. But hard work and perseverance began to pay off, as new members came through the door and the city started to take notice. New strategies were tested, modified, and sometimes discarded, training plans developed, and the team traveled extensively throughout the Midwest, learning from mistakes and continually growing stronger.

December 2012 was a turning point, as the team’s application to the Men's Roller Derby Association (MRDA) was unanimously approved by the member leagues, officially making the Blitzdkrieg a nationally ranked team.[1] By the end of 2013 they were ranked 29 in the MRDA 2013 End of Season Rankings.[2]

In January 2014, for the first time, the Blitzdkrieg had built up the numbers to form two home teams, Half Barrel Heroes and Great Lakes Pirates. This gave the team the ability to more easily produce events, and allows more skating time for all players, furthering their development.

Wisconsin Men's Roller Derby

In 2016, the Blitzdkrieg were joined by a new group of skaters in Madison, WI known locally as Mad Men Roller Derby and decided to rebrand as Wisconsin Men's Roller Derby (WMRD). The league played as Wisconsin Men's Roller Derby for the 2017 and 2018 MRDA seasons. At the conclusion of the 2018 season, several key players decided to retire from roller derby and the league chose to go on hiatus from MRDA. The league remained active and played a series of non-sanctioned bouts in 2019 to focus on rebuilding and gaining experience.

Wisconsin United Roller Derby

In the summer of 2019, the league decided to change its name to better recognize the contributions of women and non-binary members.


March 11, 2018: Mad Men were featured in an article in the Wisconsin State Journal.[3]
March 7, 2014: Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg were interviewed live by Chip Brewster of the Fox 6[4] morning show, Real Milwaukee.

March 18, 2014: Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg were featured in an article on OnMilwaukee.com[5]

April 25, 2014: A bit of a history on the Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg in Express Milwaukee.com.[6]

January 4, 2011: Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg members were interviewed for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.[7]

Home Teams

Great Lakes Pirates
Half Barrel Heroes

In 2014, for the first time, home teams were established - the Great Lakes Pirates and the Half Barrel Heroes. On March 29, 2014 the Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg held their first ever home team bout. The Great Lakes Pirates took the first win, with a score of 338-101 over the Half Barrel Heroes.

DateGreat Lakes PiratesHalf Barrel Heroes
Feb 28110202
Apr 11161163
May 0932166
Mar 29338101
Apr 27258202
May 17288157

Charter Team

Interleague Seasons

DateOpponentTournamentSanctionBlitzdkrieg/WMRD/WURDOpposing Team
Nov 9Skunk River Riot (ARDA)n/a189164
Oct 12Barbed Wire Bettiesn/a136193
Sep 28Omaha Roller Derbyn/a148205
Jun 22Cedar Rapids RollerGirlsn/a26592
Apr 7Chicago Bruise Brothers B-TeamUdder Chaos 2019n/a87357
Mar 16St. Louis B-Keepersn/a13358
Mar 16Twin Cities Terrorsn/a19483
Jul 21Chicago Bruise BrothersMRDA81246
Jun 3Lane County Concussion2018 Midwest BrewHaHaMRDA120208
Jun 2Chicago Bruise Brothers2018 Midwest BrewHaHaMRDA222228
Jun 1Houston Men's Roller Derby2018 Midwest BrewHaHaMRDA246171
May 19Twin City TerrorsUdder Chaos 2018MRDA120220
Feb 10Brewcity Bruisers Battlestarsn/a311149
Jul 23Dakota Men's Roller DerbyRolling Along The RiverMRDA222137
Jul 22Chicago Bruise BrothersRolling Along The RiverMRDA226113
May 20Race City RebelsMRDA39350
May 20Twin City TerrorsMRDA97337
Apr 15Chicago Bruise BrothersMRDA166153
Jun 25Chicago Bruise BrothersMRDA125192
Jun 5Golden State Heat2016 Midwest BrewHaHaMRDA155216
Jun 4Twin City Terrors2016 Midwest BrewHaHaMRDA119215
Jun 3Dakota Men's Roller Derby2016 Midwest BrewHaHaMRDA121270
Mar 19Chicago Bruise BrothersMRDA247142
Jan 9FCRD: Valley Vixensn/a257121
Jun 28Tulsa Derby MilitiaMidwest DerbyFestMRDA128262
Jun 28Tampa Bay Men's Roller DerbyMidwest DerbyFestMRDA113239
Jun 27Harm City Roller DerbyMidwest DerbyFestMRDA29292
Jun 26St. Louis B-KeepersMidwest DerbyFest129262
Jun 20Mad Rollin' Dolls160279
Jun 7BisMan BomberzMidwest BrewHaHaMRDA186318
Jun 6Cleveland GuardiansMidwest BrewHaHa39394
Jun 5Capital City HooligansMidwest BrewHaHaMRDA136244
May 23Chicago Bruise BrothersMRDA141243
Apr 28Quad Squad178235
Aug 30Rock City RiotMRDA85270
Aug 30BisMan BomberzMRDA88178
Jul 19Chicago Bruise BrothersMRDA27977
Jun 29OCK Wolf PackMidwest DerbyFest137163
Jun 29Cowtown ButchersMidwest DerbyFest11068
Jun 29Capital City HooligansMidwest DerbyFest10345
Jun 27Tulsa Derby MilitiaMidwest DerbyFestMRDA188214
Jun 01Twin Cities TerrorsMidwest BrewHaHaMRDA113318
May 31Dallas DeceptionMidwest BrewHaHaMRDA125429
May 30Chicago Bruise BrothersMidwest BrewHaHaMRDA259127
Aug 24Big O Roller Bros88253
Aug 24Cincinnati Battering Rams166180
Jul 20Green Bay SmackersBorder BattleMRDA170117
Jul 20Twin Cities TerrorBorder BattleMRDA116235
Jun 22Green Bay SmackersMRDA24699
May 19Carolina Wreckingballs2013 Spring RollMRDA93218
May 19Your Mom Men's Derby2013 Spring RollMRDA23447
May 17Harm City Roller Derby2013 Spring RollMRDA67327
Apr 14Sioux City Korn StalkersMRDA229242
Mar 23Chicago Bruise Brothers325180
Feb 23Cincinnati Battering Rams255310
Sep 1Sioux City Korn StalkersRolling Along the River164182
Sep 1St Louis GateKeepers B-KeepersRolling Along the River61284
Aug 11Green Bay Smackers92174
Jun 23Rock City Riot60222
Jun 16Race City Rebels29311
Dec 3Twin City Terrors164138
Mar 20Twin City Terrors65198
Oct 23Race City RebelsRolling Along the River23155
Oct 23Rock City RiotRolling Along the River21125
Oct 23Twin City TerrorsRolling Along the River29117
Jun 26Twin City Terrors22127

Stats provided by Flat Track Stats[8]

MRDA rankings



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