Winston-Salem Dash

The Winston-Salem Dash are a minor league baseball team in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. They are a Class A-Advanced team in the Carolina League and have been a farm team of the Chicago White Sox since 1997. The Dash began playing their home games at the BB&T Ballpark beginning in 2010 after having Ernie Shore Field (now known as Gene Hooks Field at Wake Forest Baseball Park) as their home from 1956 to 2009.

Winston-Salem Dash
Founded in 1945
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Team logoCap insignia
Minor league affiliations
LeagueCarolina League
DivisionSouthern Division
Major league affiliations
Minor league titles
League titles (9)
  • 1928
  • 1950
  • 1951
  • 1964
  • 1970
  • 1973
  • 1986
  • 1993
  • 2003
Team data
NicknameWinston-Salem Dash (2009–present)
Previous names
  • Winston-Salem Warthogs (1995–2008)
  • Winston-Salem Spirits (1984–1994)
  • Winston-Salem Red Sox (1961–1983)
  • Winston-Salem Red Birds (1957–1960)
  • Winston-Salem Cardinals (1945–1953)
  • Winston-Salem Twins (1905, 1908–1917, 1920–1933, 1937–1942, 1954–1956)
ColorsPurple, black, silver, white
MascotBolt (2009–present)
Wally and Wilbur Warthog (1995–2008)
Slugger (1991-1994)
Lickety Split (1990–1991)
BallparkBB&T Ballpark (2010–present)
Previous parks
Ernie Shore Field (1956–2009)
South Side Park (1945–1955)
Billy Prim /
Sports Menagerie
ManagerJustin Jirschele
General ManagerC.J. Johnson


Previous baseball clubs in Winston-Salem had typically been called the "Twins", in reference to the long-since-merged "Twin Cities" of Winston and Salem since 1905. The Twins played in the Virginia-North Carolina League in 1905, the Carolina Baseball Association from 1908 to 1917 and the Piedmont League from 1920 to 1933 and again from 1937 to 1942.

The current franchise joined the Carolina League in 1945, and is the oldest continuously operating team in that circuit. Originally a St. Louis Cardinals affiliate, it retained the Twins name until 1953, when it became the Winston-Salem Cardinals. The 1950 team was recognized as one of the 100 greatest minor league teams of all time.[1]

After a brief period (1957–60) as the Winston-Salem Red Birds, the team switched affiliation in 1961 to the Boston Red Sox. It remained with the Red Sox for 22 years, and was known until 1983 as the Winston-Salem Red Sox. In 1984, the team changed affiliates again, this time contracting with the Chicago Cubs, and changed its name to the Winston-Salem Spirits.

The team initially retained the Spirits name after becoming the Cincinnati Reds A-level affiliate in 1993, winning the Carolina League championship in that same year. After the 1994 season, the club decided to change its name and sponsored a contest through the local newspaper, the Winston-Salem Journal, to come up with a new name. The winning entry, the Warthogs, became the official team name in 1995. In addition to being alliterative, it also referred to the somewhat-celebrated acquisition of some warthogs at the state zoo around that time. As the Warthogs, they were the league champion in 2003.

On December 4, 2008, the team publicly announced that they would be called the Winston-Salem Dash from 2009 onward. The Dash name is rumored to be a reference to a nickname for the city of Winston-Salem, "The Dash", a reference to the (-) symbol used in the middle of the city's name, despite the fact that it isn't a dash at all, but a hyphen.

As the Warthogs, the team's mascot was Wally Warthog. With the new nickname, the Dash held a name-the-mascot contest for Wally's replacement. In keeping with the image of speed implied by "The Dash", the new mascot is a lightning-themed character named Bolt.[2]


The club originally played at South Side Park, south of the downtown area. When that park burned, a new park was built on the north side, near the Wake Forest University campus and the RJR plant, and named Ernie Shore Field in honor of the former major leaguer who had led the fund drive for the new ballpark. Opened in 1956, Ernie Shore Field seats 6,000 fans. BB&T Ballpark was hoped to be completed for the 2009 season, or sometime within the season, but construction came to a halt due to a lack of funding. Meanwhile, Ernie Shore Field had been sold to Wake Forest and renamed as Gene Hooks Field at Wake Forest Baseball Park, compelling the Dash to lease the ballpark back for the 2009 season. On June 2, 2009, the Dash announced a new scheduled opening for the 2010 season.[3]

On February 24, 2010, the Dash announced BB&T Ballpark's official name.[3]

The Dash finally opened the new BB&T Ballpark on April 13, 2010.[4]

Year-by-year record

(Compiled from[5])

190510–143rdJ.C. "Con" Strothers / Earle HoltLeague disbanded August 19Virginia-North Carolina League, Salisbury-Spencer (24–28) moved to Winston-Salem July 17
190841–484thRobert CarternoneCarolina Baseball Association, Known as "Twins"
190954–524thRobert Carternone
191051–574thJames McKivettnone
191172–371stCharles Clancynone League Champs
191263–472ndCharles Clancynone
191366–491stCharles Clancynone League Champs
191470–471stCharles Clancynone League Champs
191553–695thCharles Clancynone
191663–482ndCharles Clancynone
191717–204thCharles ClancyLeague ceased operations May 30
192056–654thBill Shumaker / Eddie Brennan / Jim KellyPiedmont League
192162–584thCharles Clancy
192266–593rdCharles Clancy
192359–634thBill Leard / Mike Fahey
192459–624thBill Jacksonnone
192577–491stCharles CarrollLost League Finals
192664–815thCy Chisolm / Red Irby / Walt Christensen / Art Bourg
192779–643rdCharles McMillan
192882–511stBunny HearnLeague Champs
192977–633rdGeorge Whiteman
193070–714thHal Weafer / Claude Joyner /
Charles Carroll / [Johnny Brock
193155–796thBunny Hearn / Bob "Stuffy" McCrone
193218–28Harry WilkeWinston-Salem moved to [High Point (50–38) August 20
193342–996thJim Poole / Art Bourgnone
193735–1058thAlvin Crowder / Pepper Rhea /
Phil Lundeen / Walt VanGrofski
193846–928thWalt VanGrofski / Joe Prerost
193954–848thCharles Clancy
194045–858thEddie Moore / Ray Brubaker
194154–828thJake Atz
194252–818thJack Tighe / Al Unser
194561–766thGeorge Smith / George FerrellCarolina League Known as "Cardinals"
194668–725thZip Payne
194785–572ndZip PayneLost in 1st round
194876–655thZip Payne
194984–612ndWillie Duke / George Ferrell / Roland LeBlancLost in 1st round
1950106–471stGeorge KissellLeague Champs
195181–582ndHarold OltLeague Champs
195274–633rdHarold Olt / Jimmy BrownLost in 1st round
195369–706thJimmy Brown
195444–948thRalph Hodgin / Herb BrettKnown as "Twins"
195565–737thKen Silvestri / Aaron Robinson
195659–918thGeorge Hausmann / Lee "Pete" Peterson
195772–684thGeorge KissellKnown as "Red Birds"
195869–685thVern Benson
195967–624thAl UnserLost in 1st round
196061–765thChase Riddle
196168–724thElmer Yoter (33–37) / Walt Novick (35–35)noneKnown as "Red Sox"
196276–643rdEddie Popowski / Mace BrownLost in 1st round
196367–767thMatt Sczesny / Bill Slack
196482–571stBill SlackLeague Champs
196565–797thBill Slack
196682–581stBill SlackLost in League Finals
196769–686th (t)Bill Slack
196856–819thBill Slack
196977–674thMatt SczesnyLost in 1st round
197079–581stBill SlackLeague Champs
197167–674thDon Lock
197265–745thRac Slider
197377–622ndBill SlackLeague Champs
197476–613rdBill Slacknone
197581–622ndJohn Kennedynone
197680–571stTony Torchianone League Champs
197761–774thTony Torchia
197855–776thBill Slack
197985–551stBill Slacknone League Champs
198076–644thBuddy Hunter
198172–672ndBuddy Hunter
198245–937thRac Slider
198374–663rdBill SlackLost in League Finals
198458–828thBill SlackKnown as "Spirits"
198558–818thCal Emery
198682–562ndJim EssianLeague Champs
198772–683rd (t)Jay LoviglioLost in 1st round
198873–675th[ay Loviglio
198964–716thJay Loviglio
199086–542ndBrad Mills
199183–572ndBrad Mills
199266–737thBill Hayes
199372–683rd (t)Mark BerryLeague Champs
199467–704thMark BerryLost in League Finals
199569–683rdMark BerryKnown as "Warthogs"
199674–653rdPhillip Wellman
199763–777thMike Heath (38–53) / Mark Haley (25–24)
199879–602ndChris CronLost in League Finals
199963–757thJerry Terrell
200068–714thBrian Dayett
200154–868thWally Backman
200250–907thRazor Shines
200371–675thRazor ShinesLeague Champs
200474–664thKen Dominguez / Nick LeyvaLost in 1st round
200577–643rdChris CronLost in 1st round
200666–725thRafael Santana
200764–745thTim Blackwell
200871–684thTim BlackwellLost in semi-finals
200973–653rdJoe McEwingLost in 1st roundKnown as "Dash"
201081–581stJoe McEwingLost in League Finals
201169–714thJulio Vinas
201287–511stTommy ThompsonLost in League Finals
201371–693rdRyan Newman
201576–65Lost in semi-finals


Winston-Salem Dash roster
Players Coaches/Other


  • 20 Wyatt Burns
  • 29 Cristian Castillo
  • 36 Jorgan Cavanerio
  • -- Andre Davis
  • -- Victor Diaz
  • 34 Jake Elliott
  •  8 Kevin Escorcia
  • -- Drew Hasler
  • 27 Will Kincanon
  • 39 Luis Ledo
  • 30 Zach Lewis
  • 28 Jacob Lindgren
  • 24 Kade McClure
  • 32 Jose Nin
  •  1 Andrew Perez
  • 44 Konnor Pilkington
  • 17 Jonathan Stiever
  • 15 Taylor Varnell


  • 14 Carlos Perez
  • 19 Evan Skoug




  •  9 Justin Jirschele


  • 33 Jamie Dismuke (hitting)
  • 25 Matt Zaleski (pitching)

7-day injured list
* On Chicago White Sox 40-man roster
# Rehab assignment
∞ Reserve list
‡ Restricted list
§ Suspended list
† Temporary inactive list
Roster updated October 29, 2019
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