Winspit is a disused quarry on the cliffs near Worth Matravers in the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, England that is no longer in use. To the west and east are the hills of West Man and East Man.

Until around 1940 Winspit was used as a stone quarry, providing stone for buildings in London. During World War II it was used as a site for naval and air defences. After the war the caves were opened to the public. They were used as a location for the planet Mecron II in the Blake's 7 episode "Games", and in Doctor Who they were used in the story "The Underwater Menace", and then as the planet Skaro in the serial "Destiny of the Daleks", the quarry's stone cottage and two other larger buildings, (which were just empty derelict shells, with their roofs missing), were used in "Destiny", they were transformed into the external ruins of the long abandoned Dalek city and disused Kaled Bunkers. Later for the 2012 Disney film John Carter it was used as the scene location for the "Orkney Dig". The quarry is now a lesser-known tourist attraction. Recently many of Winspit's caves have been closed off for public safety and bat conservation.


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