Windsor Castle (1857 ship)

Windsor Castle was a passenger/cargo ship built by William Pile in Sunderland, in 1857 for Richard Green.

Name: Windsor Castle
Builder: William Pile, Sunderland.
In service: 1857
Fate: Wrecked 1884
General characteristics [1]
Tons burthen: 1075
Length: 195.5
Propulsion: Sails

This ship sailed between England and Australia. The Queensland Migrant Shipping records show passenger travel activity between 1877 and 1881.

After being extensively overhauled in July 1882, the vessel was sometimes engaged by the government to transport troops to Zanzibar and Sydney.

In 1876, Windsor Castle was captained by N. Harrison.[1]

She foundered at Algoa Bay in 1884.


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