Windham Classics

Windham Classics Corporation was a subsidiary of Spinnaker Software. The corporation was founded in 1984 and went defunct circa 1985/86 or later. The headquarters were in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Adventure games

Windham Classics published five adventure games. The games belonged to the genres of interactive fiction with graphics and point-and-click adventure game. They were based upon books for children. The game development was a part of Spinnakers marketing strategy in the adventure game market in the 1980s: Target groups of Windham Classic adventures were children players and target groups of Telarium, another Spinnaker subsidiary corporation, were grown-up players.[1]

The adventure game Robin Hood was announced, but not published.[2]


The Windham Classics adventures were praised for their text quality and their detailed graphics.[3] The special feature of Windham Classics adventures was the appropriate gameplay for children. The gameplay was easier than the gameplay in other adventures. The combination of text, graphics, a nonviolent storyline and appropriate interactive opportunities assisted the children's involvement and participation in the plot.[4]


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