William the Good (short story collection)

William the Good is the ninth book in the Just William series of books by Richmal Crompton. It was first published in 1926.

William the Good
AuthorRichmal Crompton
IllustratorThomas Henry
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreChildren's literature
Publication date
Media typePrint (hardback & paperback) & Audio book
Followed byWilliam 

Short stories

  • William- the Good Suspecting his sister Ethel is a kleptomaniac and drunkard, William sets out to "reform" her.
  • William- The Great Actor William is enlisted to provide the "special effects" in an amateur theatrical performance.
  • William and the Archers Believing his country to be under threat from a foreign power, William sets out to defend it.
  • Willian - the Money Maker The Outlaws are (as usual) short of funds, but William has a solution in mind.
  • William - the Avenger William and Ginger take revenge on a bully whom they believe has been tolerated for too long.
  • Parrots for Ethel Ethel is in quarantine and pursued by two like-minded suitors. However, there is a mix-up between the suitor's gifts and the animals for William's zoo.
  • One Good Turn William finds himself in the uncomfortable position of being in debt to Robert.
  • William's Lucky Day William tries to imitate his hero William Tell - with disastrous consequences.
  • A Little Adventure After a spate of burglaries in the village, William and Ginger believe they have found a vital clue.

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