William the Conqueror (short story collection)

William the Conqueror is the sixth book in the Just William series by Richmal Crompton. It was first published in 1926. It is a book of short stories, and its name is a pun on William the Conqueror, a famous king of England.

William the Conqueror
AuthorRichmal Crompton
IllustratorThomas Henry
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreChildren's literature
Publication date
Media typePrint (hardback & paperback) & Audio book
Followed byWilliam the Outlaw 

Short stories

  • Enter the Sweep - William takes possession of a delightful pile of soot – and causes mischief.
  • A Birthday Treat - The Hubert Lanites ruin William's birthday party.
  • The Leopard Hunter
  • William Leads a Better Life - The Outlaws are inspired to follow the example of St. Francis of Assisi, but find this more difficult than they had expected.
  • William and the Lost Tourist - An American visitor to the village mistakes William for a descendant of William Shakespeare.
  • The Midnight Adventure of Miss Montague - William attempts to steal his things that Miss Frame's new tenant, Miss Montague, has confiscated
  • The Mysterious Stranger
  • The Sunday-School Treat
  • William the Philanthropist
  • William the Bold Crusader - Enlivened by the curate's talk on the Crusades, William stages a "crusade" of his own against "heretics" (namely the local nonconformist Sunday-school) and worshippers of "idylls".
  • The Wrong Party - The Outlaws attempt to pay back the Hubert Lanites for earlier wrongs, but their plans go awry.
  • William Starts the Holidays - Despite his best intentions, William manages to wreck Robert and Ethel's Christmas party.
  • Revenge Is Sweet - William's gang finally takes revenge on the Hubert Lanites.


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