William Tell (1949 film)

William Tell (Italian: Guglielmo Tell ) is a 1949 Italian historical drama film directed by Giorgio Pastina and Michal Waszynski and starring Gino Cervi, Monique Orban and Paul Muller.[1] The film is based on Friedrich Schiller's 1804 play of the same title, which portrays the adventures of William Tell in his fight for Swiss independence. The film was produced by the Milan-based Fauno Film.[2]

William Tell
Directed byGiorgio Pastina
Michal Waszynski
Produced byGiorgio Venturini
Written byFriedrich Schiller (play)
Giuseppe Zucca
Giorgio Pastini
StarringGino Cervi
Monique Orban
Paul Muller
Raf Pindi
CinematographyArturo Gallea
Giovanni Ventimiglia
Edited byLoris Bellero
Fauno Film
Release date
8 April 1949
Running time
91 minutes


  • Gino Cervi as Guglielmo Tell
  • Monique Orban as Berta - la castellana
  • Paul Muller as Gessler, il balivo
  • Raf Pindi as Rodolfo di Andas
  • Allegra Sander as Mathilde
  • Gabriele Ferzetti as Corrado Hant
  • Danielle Benson as Edvige
  • Renato De Carmine as Bertrando
  • Emilio Baldanello
  • Enrico Olivieri as Gualtiero Tell
  • Laura Bigi
  • Aldo Nicodemi as Rudens
  • Barbara Deperusse as Moglie di un boscaiolo
  • Giovanni Lovatelli
  • Alberto Collo


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