William Murray (musician)

William Murray (died 1998) was a drummer and photographer from Glasgow, Scotland.

William Murray
BornGlasgow, Scotland
Dublin, Ireland
GenresProgressive folk
Occupation(s)Drummer, Photographer
Years active1970s1990s
Associated actsMellow Candle, Kevin Ayers, Mike Oldfield


As a drummer in the early 1970s Murray played with acts including Richard and Linda Thompson's 'Sour Grapes' band and Irish progressive folk band Mellow Candle.[1] In the 1970s Murray acted as drummer on Kevin Ayers's album Whatevershebringswesing and he later worked with Paul Kossoff.[2]

As a musician Murray also worked with the British multi-instrumentalist, Mike Oldfield, who bought Murray a camera.[2] Murray worked with Oldfield on albums such as Ommadawn, writing the lyrics for "On Horseback".[2] Murray became a fashion photographer and moved to Dallas, Texas, United States.[2] In America Murray also formed a band called The Same with Clodagh Simonds, Carter Burwell, Stephen Bray and Chip Johanessen.[1]

Murray took the photograph of Mike Oldfield that appears on the cover of his 1990 album, Amarok and wrote a short story for the booklet.[3]

Murray died in 1998 in Dublin, Ireland.[1]


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